CMX500 - Mediacenter

Testing extended reality (XR) based applications over 5G

This video shows a lab-based XR testbed for testing XR from and End-2-End (E2E) perspective


Explainer video: Automotive 5G voice quality testing from Rohde & Schwarz and HEAD acoustics

A seamless 5G voice experience inside vehicles is something we all expect but how do car manufacturers ensure their customers experience optimum voice quality? This video shows how the easy to use system developed by HEAD acoustics and Rohde & Schwarz can conduct standards-compliant tests and enable 4G and 5G voice quality to be optimized.


3GPP Release 17 NB-NTN (non-terrestrial networks) device testing


3GPP 5G Release 17 RedCap device testing

The R&S CMX500 OBT lite radio communication tester comes with a streamlined configuration that perfectly serves the need for customers testing RedCap devices in R&D and type approval.


5G high throughput band combination testing with power consumption tests

With thousands of MRDC and NR band combinations supported by 5G devices, testing maximum throughput with various band combinations can be an immensely important verification topic. In addition, 3GPP introduced many power saving features in Release 16, which are going to be adopted in real networks and 5G mobile devices making verification of their impact on the power consumption necessary.


5G extended reality application testing

The R&S®CMX500 radio communication tester is suitable for all signaling use cases through all stages of 5G device production. It includes a comprehensive feature set for application testing, which forms the basis for Extended Reality (XR) testing.


5G RedCap


5G NR Carrier Acceptance Tests

Conformance approval is one of the most important steps to bringing mobile devices to the market. With the introduction of 5G NR, the sheer number of test cases grows exponentially due the huge number of supported band combinations, deployment options and evolving standards. Major 5G operators ask for additional carrier acceptance tests to ensure cellular devices function properly on their networks. With an R&S®CMX500 based test system, Rohde & Schwarz supports carrier acceptance tests like PQA, NPT and LBS in 5G FR2. In all applications, the extremely compact R&S®ATS800R CATR chamber is used for the required over-the-air measurements. The video shows an carrier acceptance test case: Heat dissipation of a mobile device in relation to data throughput.


Testing voice services in 5G NR - (VoNR)

The R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester in combination with the R&S CMX500 5G communication tester comes with everything needed to test 5G voice services (VoNR) on mobile devices. It features an internal IMS server, enabling registering of 5G devices and setting up the required bearers and QoS flows necessary for voice services. The virtual user equipment (UE) emulation, allowing for establishing mobile originated and mobile-terminated end-to-end voice calls in loopback mode for fast and easy VoNR functional tests. The user can select between the supported codecs, such as EVS and AMR-WB or AMR-NB with their respective codec rates. To test audio quality during a call, an analyzer is required. It must be able to generate and analyze audio waveforms using the latest methodologies according to PESQ or POLQA, whereby POLQA is used for audio quality measurements during VoNR and VoLTE calls. To do so, the R&S®CMW500 & R&S®CMX500 setup can be extended by an audio analyzer.


5G Device test - be prepared to test 10Gbps IP-Data-throughput

The R&S®CMX500 is designed to meet all 5G test requirements that may occur over the entire product lifecycle of a mobile communications device. Rohde & Schwarz continously implements all new standardization The next big evolution step in 5G is to over come the 10Gbps Data Throughput Barrier to enable devices which deliver reliable connectivity at highest speeds to support the most challenging services. The R&S®CMX500 is now ready to test NR Dual Connectivity FR1&FR2 with up to 10Gbps end to end IP data rate.


5G SA USIM/USAT Testing with COMPRION SIMfony CMX500

This video highlights the 5G NR USIM/USAT conformance test solution from Comprion and Rohde & Schwarz using a R&S®CMX500 5G NR mobile radio tester and Comprions UT3 USIM simulator platform. The solution covers 5G NR USIM device conformance testing according to GCF WI-508-NR and PTCRB RFT 508-1 as well as USAT requirements defined in GCF WI-509-NR. The joint conformance test solution is listed as test platform 227 (TP227) in GCF and PTCRB.


Optimize your end-to-end application testing with the R&S®CMX500

While other end-to-end testing setups consist of several external components, Rohde & Schwarz revolutionizes this setup with the R&S®CMX500. To create a consolidated solution, the entire data servers and tools were moved into the tester, offering a unique integrated solution for application testing. All tests and measurements can be carried out manually in the graphical user interface R&S®CMsquares, they can be built as test sequences in the integrated Sequencer tool or remotely controlled via XLAPI and SCPI interfaces.


5G is now – How 5G NR standalone (SA) mode challenges testing

The R&S CMX500 radio communication tester is ideal to perform 5G NR signaling measurements for SA mode.


Aircom International expands 5G NR & LTE device testing capabilities with Rohde & Schwarz

Aircom International, Inc., an accredited testing laboratory for wireless device testing expands its test services with the Rohde & Schwarz CMX500 and CMW500 radio communication testers for 5G and LTE testing


Compact CATR OTA chamber for 5G FR2 testing

Signaling test in the new mmWave-based 5G frequency of FR2 requires an OTA test setup. The R&S®ATS800R CATR rack based antenna test system is designed for FR2 over-the-air measurements in R&D.


5G NSA signaling testing with dynamic spectrum sharing

The verified test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz, based on the R&S®CMX500 and R&S®CMW500 radio communication testers and the R&S®CMsquares unified test software, simplifies signaling testing with DSS in non-standalone (NSA) mode.


5G NR maximum IP data throughput tests of 2 Gbps

In this video, the R&S®CMX500 establishes an LTE anchor cell and a 5G NR TDD cell, configured with 4x4 MIMO and modulation of DL 256QAM to achieve a maximum data end-to-end throughput of 2 Gbps on IP layer using TCP data with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem.


5G NSA signaling testing for FR2

For developers of 5G devices, Rohde & Schwarz features the R&S®CMX500 radio communication tester that enables non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) signaling tests in both FR1 and FR2 frequency ranges.


Most compact 5G conformance test system for mmWave (FR2)

Rohde & Schwarz presents its innovative 5G conformance test solution for both FR1 and FR2. The latest version of the popular R&S®TS8980 RF test system now covers 5G NR.


Compact and flexible CATR system for 5G FR2 testing

Rohde & Schwarz presents the most compact CATR solution R&S®ATS1800C. The system allows to test heavier mmWave devices in a big quiet zone yet on a small chamber footprint.


Demystifying 5G – Testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) on a device

This video explores testing of an LTE-capable device in presence of 5G NR SSB’s while enabling MBSFN subframes.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE – testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), part 1

The video demonstrates the configuration of an LTE signal including MBSFN subframes based on the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE based on dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS)

The video explores the technological fundamentals that enables DSS between 5G NR and LTE.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE – testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), part 2

The video shows how to configure and measure dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) based on 5G NR signal components using MBSFN subframes of an LTE signal.


Demystifying 5G - 5G NR throughput testing, dynamic scheduling and power control

Data throughput and dynamic scheduling are important parameters for 5G devices and require thorough testing during design phase. The video demonstrates how easy it is to setup and carry out these measurements with the unified user experience R&S®CMsquares.


Demystifying 5G – Parallel 5G NR RF measurements and E2E testing

The new unified user interface R&S®CMsquares controls the R&S®CMX500 radio communication test platform and enables an easy setup and measurement of RF parametric tests and end-to-end tests, such as ping measurements, in parallel.


Demystifying 5G – Unified user experience with the R&S®CMsquares

CMsquares, a unified user experience concept, simplifies 5G NR device testing. It controls the R&S®CMX500 and allows to combine various measurement tasks.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR device testing made simple with the R&S®CMX500

In this video we explore the test setup required to test 5G NR devices in non-standalone (NSA) mode using the R&S®CMX500 mobile radio tester from Rohde & Schwarz.


5G is now - How to meet 5G NR non-standalone (NSA) mode testing challenges

Get deeper information on one of the access procedures of 5G – the non-standalone mode.


5G is now - Meeting the 5G NR testing challenges

The first episode of a new video series will take a look at where 5G is today, explore the unique challenges for test and measurement and discover innovative solutions such as the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester.


PCTEST Selects R&S®CMX500 for 5G and LTE testing

Watch this video and learn why PCTEST, one of the world’s leading independent test laboratories for conformance, performance and regulatory testing of wireless devices, has selected the Rohde & Schwarz CMX500 for 5G and LTE testing.


5G NR signaling test in FR1 and FR2 presented at GSMA MWC 2019

Rohde & Schwarz presents an integrated 5G signaling solution for FR1 and FR2 that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing LTE test environment at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.


5G NR signaling test in FR1 and standalone mode presented at GSMA MWC 2019

Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates 5G NR device testing for FR1 standalone (SA) mode devices at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.


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