R&S®VENICE video server
R&S®VENICE video server, front view
R&S®VENICE video server, side view
R&S®VENICE video server, rear view with exchangeable SFP+ modules
R&S®VENICE video server R&S®VENICE video server, front view R&S®VENICE video server, side view R&S®VENICE video server, rear view with exchangeable SFP+ modules


  • 新しいソフトウェアアーキテクチャー
  • 信頼性の高い無線通信
  • ハイブリッドSDI/IP機能
  • UHDおよびHDR対応
  • 標準のエンタープライズ・サーバー・プラットフォーム・ベース


再デザインされたR&S®VENICEには、ローデ・シュワルツの放送&メディア業界における何十年もの経験、お客様からのフィードバック、最新のIPテクノロジーが活かされています。R&S VENICEは、そのソフトウェアアーキテクチャーとスケーラビリティーにより、要件に合わせた柔軟な拡張が可能です。チャネルプレイアウト、スタジオ、およびライブアプリケーションの場合、ソフトウェアライセンスだけで最新のアプリケーションをご利用いただけます。新しいR&S®VENICE マイクロサービスコアと、既製の民生用ハードウェアおよびローデ・シュワルツによって設計されたビデオI/Oボードの組み合わせが、土台として用いられます。

Features & benefits

  • On-air reliability

    On-air reliability

    R&S®VENICE has no single point of failure due to redundancy of system-relevant components and the unique R&S Virtual Storage Access which virtualizes a single point of access for redundant storage repositories.

  • R&S®VENICE hybrid SDI/IP functionality

    SDI and IP

    Thanks to its unique board design, R&S®VENICE can switch from SDI to IP (ST 2110) by simply exchanging the SFP+ modules.

  • Microservice architecture

    New architecture

    R&S®VENICE was redesigned from scratch and based on new microservice architecture, offering purely software-enabled applications.

  • Interoperability


    Due to support for various communication protocols such as VDCP (serial and TCP/IP) FIMS, MOS and more, R&S®VENICE can be integrated into any media value chain.

  • Versatility


    Software applications for ingest and production workflows plus newly developed capabilities for automation driven channel playout enable the R&S®VENICE platform to be deployed across the broadcast ecosystem.

  • Variety of codecs

    Variety of codecs

    R&S®VENICE minimizes the need for transcoding by supporting a variety of software-based codecs that can be expanded via software updates.

  • UHD and HDR

    UHD and HDR

    R&S®VENICE supports up to one UHD p60 channel (bidirectional) and four HD p60 channels (bidirectional) and handles HDR material with ease.

  • Standard server platform

    COTS server

    R&S®VENICE uses a standard IT server whose reliability and performance has proven itself a thousand times over in data centers worldwide.

R&S®VENICE Application Suite

  • R&S®VENICE Control

    R&S®VENICE Control

    Rohde & Schwarz developed R&S®VENICE Control in close cooperation with leading studio production companies to meet the high demands of multi-camera recordings. R&S®VENICE Control makes it possible to record up to 16 independent SD, HD or UHD channels in all professional production and broadcast formats.

  • R&S®VENICE Play

    R&S®VENICE Play

    The R&S®VENICE Play software application is designed to simplify your life in hectic studio and live situations. R&S®VENICE Play provides clarity when managing multiple channels for studio and production playout applications.

  • R&S®VENICE View

    R&S®VENICE View

    R&S®VENICE View, a dedicated multiviewer application from Rohde & Schwarz, is the perfect addition to the R&S®VENICE product line. R&S®VENICE View uses a sophisticated IP-based software architecture that makes costly conventional SDI infrastructure and dedicated multiviewer hardware obsolete.

  • R&S®VENICE Maintenance

    R&S®VENICE Maintenance

    R&S®VENICE Maintenance was designed to meet the specific needs of administrators. As a client-server application, it lets you conveniently acquire log files from all R&S®VENICE systems in the network.

  • R&S®Spycer


    The innovative R&S®Spycer data management software lets you effectively review and manage extremely large volumes of data. Create a transparent network that allows you to view and edit the contents of all connected systems using a wide array of tools.






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