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Calibrating a clamp and creating a transducer table using the R&S ELEKTRA signal path calibration utility


If a transducer table for a clamp is needed cause transducer data is missing the "cable calibration" test template in ELEKTRA can be used to create a own table.


  • You select a "New Transducer Correction" table in the device list as you have already done.
  • Then select the "Cable Calibration with Receiver/Power Meter" item from the "Test Templates" menu in the main view port.
  • On the left, the generator must be entered, which you must have included in the device list of Elektra beforehand.
  • On the right, your Test Receiver/Power Meter is selected and of course must also be connected to Elektra.
  • You select the "transducer table" which you have created before in the device list and set "EUT type" transducer.
  • Now you can start the measurement
  • During the normalization measurement, connect the measuring cables from the generator to the receiver and complete the clamp with 50 ohms.
  • During the calibration measurement, connect the clamp to your measuring receiver/power meter and close the measuring cable on the now open side with 50 ohms.
  • After the measurement runs, the measured transducer values are stored in the new transducer table.