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"It's a real luxury to be permitted to handle a project of this kind as a developer!"

Fabian Güttge, software developer

Fabian Güttge is not only passionate about his role as a software developer. With his working group, he is also making a determined effort to encourage the various development departments at Rohde & Schwarz to work together – instead of just side by side. In our "Interview without words", he explains why he likes his job and when his best ideas occur to him.


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At Rohde & Schwarz we live by the motto "Make ideas real" – and we have done so right from the start. With the invention of the first portable crystal clock, our founders had a brilliant idea. And they never stopped questioning, scrutinizing and analyzing things to develop new technologies.

We have since grown into an international high-tech company. But one thing has never changed: the deeply ingrained need to push ahead with our ideas and drive innovations forward. And that's exactly why we make sure our employees have the freedom they need.

Come and join us – to make your ideas a reality!

Areas of work

Software development

Whether it's software design, software systems or interface programming – few fields can match development for the sheer variety of applications.

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Hardware development

If you have acquired your knowledge in the fields of telecommunication engineering, communications engineering or rf technology, or in a similar field, then, to you, all our doors are open.

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Sales & product management

Support us in the development and sales of our products and stand by our customers with technical advice and intensive assistance.

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Corporate functions

To deliver a finished product to the customer, it takes more than just development and sales. From marketing to HR to procurement, numerous departments do their part to complete the big picture.

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The results generated by our R&D locations are implemented with precision in our production facilities – because we always put quality first.

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Why Rohde & Schwarz

Why Rohde & Schwarz

Make ideas real with us

We want to provide our employees with a long-term and secure working environment where they enjoy freedom to pursue their ideas.

That's why we support you – with a successful work-life balance, optimal health management, wide-ranging learning opportunities and sustainable innovation management.

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Smart cities

With their work, Nazan Scheunert and her colleagues are bringing smart cities to life

Did you know that Rohde & Schwarz is building the foundations of smart cities? In smart cities, practically everything and everyone will be connected: vehicles, buildings, infrastructures and people.

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Thanks to Mike Coenen and his colleagues, the sound of "The Hobbit" is perfect

One of our development teams has been working on groundbreaking technology for the world of cinema. If you prefer to stream your fravourite movies you'll be benefitting from the team's ideas as well.

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Air traffic safety

Jörg Kilpert and his team make sure that the air traffic controller can contact the pilot at all times

In order to experience safe takeoff and landing, perfectly synchronized communication is key.

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After starting out without a high school diploma, Gudrun Engel now supports complex customer projects

Every day our employees meet customers' expectations with passion, dedication and intelligence. Therefore it is crucial to support them in their technical, professional and personal development.

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