Car radio testing

Car radio testing

Ensuring the quality and functionality of car radios around the globe

A perfect end user experience delivered to the vehicle occupant is the ultimate goal for a car radio supplier. To guarantee this, vendors must ensure the audio and video quality meets the required standards, particularly the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). It is essential to test the performance of the receiver not only in ideal conditions but in the real world such as difficult topology or in the presence of RF interference. This is true for all relevant broadcast signals such as AM, FM, DAB, HD Radio®, XM Radio & DVB-T2. In addition, the correct function of data services such as RDS/RDBS, TA, DARC and emergency warning must be ensured.

With Rohde & Schwarz signal generators & signal analyzers, you can create and measure ideal signals but also simulate interference from broadcast and other wireless standards caused by environmental conditions in the development lab and on the production line. They provide fully controllable signals for regional and local broadcast networks from around the globe and are able to emulate realistic conditions to ensure optimum radio performance.

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Your car radio testing challenge

  • Ensure SDR tuners support various broadcasting standards across the globe and the proprietary OEM specifications
  • Data services functional compliance of car radios require simultaneous access to multiple broadcast radio signals
  • Replicate the real-world RF environment
  • Test the operation of features such as TA, RDS and DARC
  • Compliance with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) such as EN 303 345 and EN 303 340

Features of Rohde & Schwarz car radio testing solutions:

  • Multi-standard platform for broadcast, navigation, cellular and wireless applications
  • Fully software-defined signal generator with flexible license options
  • High output power up to +25 dBm, minimizing the need of external amplifiers
  • Add additional signal generators for co-existence and receiver blocking tests
  • Almost unlimited waveform streaming capability from external memory devices
  • Flexibility and small form factor optimized for production test
  • Fully backward compatible with R&S legacy generators for easy integration into existing automation software

Benefits of our car radio testing solutions:

  • Save time by upgrade based on software keycodes, thereby minimizing downtime of production lines
  • Test resource efficiency due to broadcast, navigation and non-cellular wireless standards in a single instrument
  • Confidence from testing using realistic scenarios and standards-compliant signals

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Controlar innovating industry
"The R&S SMCV100B is a powerful signal generator that fits perfectly for end-of-line test of car radios and GNSS navigation systems. It’s configuration flexibility and software implemented upgrade options allow an easy adaptation to cover almost all test applications. This capability minimizes the required number of backup units and downtime for servicing and calibration on a production line."
Pedro Torres, CEO and founder of Controlar

Featured products for car radio testing

R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator

  • Multi-standard platform for broadcast, navigation, cellular and wireless applications
  • Full software option defined vector signal generator with 5" touchscreen
  • Modern RF signal generation concept from 4 kHz up to 7.125 GHz

Product information

R&S®RTP oscilloscope

  • Bandwidth: 4 GHz to 16 GHz
  • Max. sample rate: 40 Gsample/s
  • Max. memory depth: 3 Gpoints per channel

Product information

R&S®ETL TV analyzer

  • Realtime demodulation
  • Advanced frontend and FPGA-based demodulation
  • Preselection with additional 75 Ω RF input

Product information

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Data sheet: Broadcast standards for the R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator

This document contains the performance specifications of the SMCV100B for broadcast standards such as DVB-T2, AM/FM/RDS and XM RadioTM.

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Product brochure: R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator

Discover the signal generator with maximum flexibility for production testing, particularly for infotainment.

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