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Recall of user's own calibration kits and connectors via remote


I have created my own connector type and calibration kit. But it is not possible to select it with remote commands.

The command “SENS1:CORR:CKIT:<own connector>:SEL 'own connector CalKit' is not accepted.

If I select it manually, there is no problem.


The above-mentioned command only works for predefined connectors, e.g. N50 or PC35.

If any other connector types are created by the user, the following command has to be used:

“SENS:CORR:CKIT:SEL 'own connector', 'Own connector CalCit'

Please note that “own connector” and “Own connector CalCit” are just examples of names for the

connector and the calibration kit. Any other names can be used as well.

Please be aware that any typing error in the names will cause an error. For example, if a space is

added at the end of the calibration kit name. This error can easily happen if the name is entered

by means of the keys on the ZVA/B/T/L.

According to the example above, the command works only if the space is added also there:

“SENS:CORR:CKIT:SEL 'own connector', 'Own connector CalCit '

Note the space between the “t” of “CalCit” and the tick mark!