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Wave Form description for HMF25xx


I miss some additional information in the manual of the HMF25xx series.
The command "DATA" is described the following way:

Wave Form description for HMF25xx - screen 1

We are talking about positive and negative numbers. Which method do I have to use? I know at least three ways of handling binary data with positive as well as negative values.


The Byte coding for 16-bit integer works with the so called "1-complement"
(see also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ones%27_complement).

We assume the following relative amplitude values to be defined for a triangle waveform:

0 / 32767 / 0 /-32768 / 0

This python sequence sends it to the instrument using the RsInstrument remote-control communication module:

bindata = bytes([00,00, 0x7F,0xFF, 00,00, 0x80,00, 00,00])
instr.write_bin_block("DATA ", bindata)

Wave Form description for HMF25xx - screen 2