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Munich 12-Nov-2021

productronica 2021: Controlar and Rohde & Schwarz make End of Line (EoL) automotive radar testing and validation easy

In a collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz, Controlar is releasing a new version of PARTS- Production-Ready Automotive Radar Test System powered by the newest R&S AREG800A automotive radar echo generator for generation of artificial objects. A live demonstration of PARTS with the R&S AREG800A will be exhibited at productronica 2021.

As part of PARTS the R&S AREG800A is configured with its RF performance optimized mmWave frontends.
As part of PARTS the R&S AREG800A is configured with its RF performance optimized mmWave frontends.

Production-Ready Automotive Radar Test System is a high-resolution test solution developed by Controlar for End of Line (EoL) test and validation of automotive radars. It ensures automated pass/fail automotive radar validation for quality control and performance compliance. Based on a smart and modular concept, this high-quality test solution allows easy operation and product positioning by the user.

The R&S AREG800A automotive radar echo generator is an innovative and versatile solution for testing automotive radar sensors. Thanks to its flexible and scalable concept, together with a variety of available frontends, the solution fulfills the test requirements of the most advanced radar echo generation applications. As part of PARTS the R&S AREG800A is configured with its RF performance optimized mmWave frontends.

The key features of PARTS are:

• (Over-the-Air) testing performed on a shielded/anechoic environment

• Multiple artificial object simulation with control of specific parameters (Object size, distance, radial velocity, etc.)

• Simultaneous characterization of the radar antenna’s radiation diagram

• Robust connectors and modular fixturing for dozens of thousands of mating cycles

• Suitable for multimode radars (long-range, medium-range and short-range Radars)

The key features of the R&S AREG800A are:

• Generation of multiple dynamic artificial objects with individual distance, object size, radial velocity and angular direction

• Fully harmonized with traditional mmW frontends and the innovative R&S QAT100 Advanced Antenna Array frontend for advanced tests in all automotive radar bands

• Future proof with instantaneous RF bandwidths of up to 4 GHz

• Incomparable versatility. All applications from pre-development, over validation until mass production can be covered

PARTS is specifically suited for the automotive industry for the functional testing of radar components, with the possibility to be integrated into automated factory production lines. The R&S AREG800A perfectly addresses the industry's need for reliable and reproducible testing of the most modern automotive radar sensors.

A live demonstration of PARTS with the integration of R&S AREG800A will be exhibited at Controlar’s booth in hall A1, no. 339 at productronica 2021, which will take place in Munich, Germany, from November 16-19. The R&S AREG800A will also be showcased at the Rohde & Schwarz booth in hall A1, no. 375.

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Nov 12, 2021
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Founded in 1995, CONTROLAR is a Portuguese company specialized in industrial automation and test systems with focus on the automotive industry. Initially dedicated to developing hardware and software for this industry, the company evolved rapidly and expanded its business to other areas of industry, thus opening the range of market actions in advanced industrial applications. The company has been experiencing a strong growth and sustainable expansion both nationally and internationally, supplying new products and services with excellent quality at a competitive price level. With over 240 employees, CONTROLAR holds production facilities in Portugal, Spain and Mexico and is represented in Malaysia, India, China and Morocco.

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