EMC compliance testing

EMC compliance testing

Full compliance to CISPR, IEC, ISO and MIL standards assured; reliable certification measurements in minimum test times

Complete confidence in the compliance process for meeting EMC regulations is only possible with measurement equipment of the highest quality. The R&S EMI test receivers at the core of compliance test feature not only the widest dynamic range, highest accuracy, and lowest noise available, but also the ultra-fast time-domain scans to achieve fast and reliable tests in line with up-to-date test regulations.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing is just half of the story. EMC compliance includes testing susceptibility to outside interference from electromagnetic fields, too; whether a device operates correctly in the typical, noisy electromagnetic environment. For electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS), Rohde & Schwarz supply the complete range of EMC test systems including power amplifiers and antenna required for generating the fields specified in all significant standards for immunity measurements, plus EMC test software to both run and monitor the EMS test process.

As members of standard-defining committees, R&S personnel are ideally placed as leading experts in the test requirements, to make certain that compliance test requirements are correctly implemented in R&S products.

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Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) compliance testing

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) compliance testing

Measuring emissions in accordance with standards

Unintended electromagnetic field generation from a device, resulting in electromagnetic interference (EMI) can have many sources; the reason for EMI testing is to ensure that any fields arising from a device will not interfere in the correct function of other devices.

Assessing EMI as part of EMC conformance test, confirms that the emissions are in accordance with the standards and norms that apply to the product and region. For details of the standards applying per region and product type, see the detailed EMC standards.

EMC compliance test setup

An EMC compliance test setup must ensure repeatability. The environment is free of ambient noise and without reflecting surfaces. This is achieved by anechoic rooms that are shielded against outside noise as well as equipped with absorbing material to reduce reflections within the room. As an alternative, measurements can be performed outside at an empty and remote location. The so-called open area test site (OATS) forms the blueprint of a test site, which only reflects electromagnetic waves on the ground plane. Semi anechoic chambers imitate those inside, with the advantage of a better shielding against ambient noise. Nowadays more and more fully anechoic rooms (FAR) are being used, featuring absorbing floors. They deduct the need for a time-consuming height scan that eliminates the effect of floor reflections in SAC’s. EMS tests reach transmit powers in kilowatt regions so that they must be performed in a fully enclosed room. An open area test site is not applicable.

Compliance tests use large antennas with high gain and high maximum transmit power. While the latter one is important for EMS testing, EMI demands best sensitivity. A high bandwidth ensures that fewer antenna changes slow down the testing process. The antenna points onto the device under test (DUT), meters apart in the far field. The DUT typically rests on a table of a dielectric material and gets rotated, to capture all angles of potential emissions. For conducted testing, artificial networks (AN) decouple the emissions on power or signal lines and transfer them to the test receiver.

EMC compliance test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz for the measurement of radiated and conducted emissions

Rohde & Schwarz can supply all the measurement instruments, supporting system components, software, antennas, line impedance stabilization networks (LISN) and additional equipment required to measure both radiated and conducted interference. All the individual components are fully compatible with each other; R&S EMC compliance systems are integrated from these components to meet the requirements of the individual standard. Programs for automating EMC test procedures support setting up, calibrating, running, and documenting the complex and wide-ranging measurements required for EMC compliance test.

Webinar: EMI compliance testing – from stepped scan to wideband time domain scan

Webinar: EMI compliance testing – from stepped scan to wideband time domain scan

The webinar presents practical examples to show the advantages of modern wideband FFT based time domain scan EMI receivers testing over classical stepped scan receivers or spectrum analyzers.

Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) compliance testing

Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) compliance testing

Measuring immunity in accordance with standards

Products for use in the public domain (including for military uses) must demonstrate immunity to malfunctioning, or even damage caused, by externally arising electromagnetic phenomena. The precise rules depend on the product category and the region in which it shall be used.

Just like for EMI measurements, standards for EMS testing distinguish between radiated immunity (IEC/EN61000-4-3, for example) and conducted immunity (IEC/EN61000-4-6, for example). For radiated immunity test, IEC/EN61000-4-3 specifies an AM modulated signal with 80 % sinewave modulation (1 kHz) in the frequency range from 80 MHz to 2 GHz that is transduced by an antenna into a homogeneous field in an area into which the test object is placed. A broadband amplifier amplifies the test signal from a signal generator to create the required field strength levels between 1 V/m and 30 V/m.

EMC compliance test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz for EMS testing

Conducted immunity tests (such as IEC/EN61000-4-6) aim to verify the immunity of an electronic device to conducted disturbances (currents), induced by radio-frequency fields on the cables by means of a coupling decoupling network (CDN), a current probe, or an EM clamp.

Rohde & Schwarz offer a wide range of test equipment and broadband amplifiers, both for radiated and conducted immunity tests. Our EMS test system family for radiated and conducted EMS measurements complies with automotive, commercial, military and wireless standards.

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