ATE ATT v17.30 patch status and known issues


Known issues 17.30.1

Known issues 17.30.0

1. the first test case run (per rat combination) is crashing with following error: "Error : CMW Remote Control Exception: com.rohde_schwarz.crtu.lib.xdd.exceptions.XDDElementNotFoundException: unresolvable IREF value "Real LTE Stack SUA Deployment_2 S". Users "simply" needs to start the test again.

2. the second (and all other) run shows an online report the error: "Error : CMW Remote Control Exception: C:\Documents and Settings\instrument\Application Data\Rohde-Schwarz\MCT\Tools\SysConfig\[no configuration file].xscf (The system cannot find the file specified)." It's not a blocker, to be ignored.

3. Video upgrade not possible in tc 6.17, LTE_BTR_5_9336,LTE_BTR_5_9378.

4. EPDG attempt timing issue.

5. Entitlement testcases problem: No response from TE after 1st request.

6. RTT cases:-Issue with RR and RS value,Dedicated bearer problem, Directionality attribute and Session level bandwidth.

7. TC 8.xx :mode-set and other SDP attributes error

8. IPME TC 1.44-->BYE handling for 1:1 chat established in early step.

9. TAU unsuccessful issue with TC11.5.4 and 7204


Version 17.30.1

previous fixes included in installer

Version 17.30.0

Issue 3: Fixed in cont. build #19 onwards.(Build placed /cmw_protocoltest/ATE/Patches/TTCN3/ATT/17.30 on sftp)

Issue 4: Fixed in cont. build #22 onwards.(Build placed /cmw_protocoltest/ATE/Patches/TTCN3/ATT/17.30 on sftp)

Issue 5: There is a error in one configuration file:

1. Open "C:\Rohde-Schwarz\ATE\IMS_TC\CMW-ATE_ATT\17.30.0\tt3plugins\JsonCodecPlugin\TT3plugin.xml"

2. Change line 5 to : <library name="../../lib/json-simple-1.1.1.jar"/> the path is wrong (../../) is missing

3. try again

Issue 6: Use latest build.(Build placed @ /ate_release_att/patches/17.30.0 on sftp)

Issue 7: Fixed in cont. build #202 onwards.(Build placed @ /ate_release_att/patches/17.30.0 on sftp)

Issue 8: Use latest build.(Build placed @ /ate_release_att/patches/17.30.0 on sftp)

Issue 9: TC1 1.5.4 is verified with SCNpatch ,7204 fix is yet to be provided..(Build placed @ /ate_release_att/patches/17.30.0 on sftp)

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