Simplifying 5G mobile device testing

Presented by Manuel Galozy

Webinar: Simplifying 5G mobile device testing

Today smartphones and customer premises equipment (CPE's) represent close to 60 percent of the 5G device ecosystem. With the advances in technology and faster adoption of 5G by the verticals, the device ecosystem is set to grow with new kinds of devices entering the market.

The complexity of the technologies involved, including mmWave, wider bandwidths, carrier aggregation and flexible network architectures, is growing. This is why it is vital to seek new and innovative test approaches to ensure performance of a device across the different layers, namely RF, protocol and application.

In this webinar, we will highlight the challenges associated with testing these features and as well the benefits of using one unified interface to test across all layers - simplifying signaling tests. This provides you with a holistic view to the design validation test process of a device.

In short, you will learn about:

  • Trends and industry priorities of a wide range of features which the next generation 5G devices are set to cover.
  • Typical test requirements and challenges in ensuring performance of a 5G device across different layers.
  • Web based GUI which seamlessly integrates the different test approaches, from an interactive UI based on R&S®CMsquares to Python based XLAPI to create test scenarios programmatically.