Testing secure radios in time, frequency and digital domain - part 2

Presented by Albert Ramirez Perez, Ezer Bennour, Anja Fenske, Volker Ohlen

Webinar: Testing secure radios in time, frequency and digital domain - part 2

Adoption of software defined radio architecture for secure communications is enabling armed and public safety forces to raise their situational awareness, using more capable, interoperable, secure and robust radios. However, radios have also increased in complexity and reliability requirements, obliging manufacturers and operators to invest in new design methodologies and develop a much more exhaustive multidomain testing procedure. In this second part of the webinar series we will focus on few of the time and digital testing procedures. We will show how you can leverage oscilloscopes to debug Arinc429 or MilBus1553B protocols and provide an overview of oscilloscopes capabilities for digital design testing in order to evaluate clock and jitter, SerDes behavior or signal integrity among others. Additionally we will show how you can leverage battery simulation instruments to emulate the behavior of multi-cell batteries in order to test a battery management system for handheld and portable radios.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • debug Arinc429 and MilBus1553B protocols
  • evaluate clock jitter
  • emulate multi-cell battery for power management testing