#ThinkSix - Generate & analyze 4 GHz RF bandwidth signals in the D-Band

For early 6G R&D from 110-170 GHz, extra bandwidth supports higher data rates

A powerful factor in the drive towards higher frequencies in the D-band and beyond into Sub-Terahertz frequencies is the demand for ever more bandwidth. To meet the emerging need for several GHz bandwidth, the basebands of a 2-path R&S®SMW200A signal generator can be combined to provide a signal with 4 GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth, with a simple external hardware combiner and software option. Together with R&S®FE170 frontends as up- and down- frequency converters, and an R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer, this video demonstrates how to generate, transmit over the air, and analyze a 4 GHz bandwidth single carrier signal with 16QAM modulation at 148 GHz.

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