R&S®ZV-WR02/WR03/-WR05 Technical Information

The Technical Information provides basic information on the calibration kits R&S®ZV-WR02, R&S®ZV-WR03, and R&S®ZV-WR05.

It covers the following topics:

  • Description of the calibration standards in the kits
  • Description of the calibration procedure

The R&S®ZVA/ZVB/ZVT network analyzers provide a wizard for calibration. You can find a more detailed description of the calibration procedure in the Operating Manual for the R&S®ZVA/ZVB/ZVT or in the help system. The Quick Start Guide R&S®ZVA-Z75/-Z110/-Z140/-Z170/-Z220/-Z325/-Z500 provides basic information about the frequency converters. All these manuals are also available for download on this website.

Refer to the data sheet for additional information on the cal kit properties.

Name Type Version/Firmware Date Download