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Optimize your Rohde & Schwarz instruments for peak performance

Collaborate with us using the new R&S®InstrumentManager – a single solution for managing your instruments.

Rohde & Schwarz is dedicated to providing instruments that will serve you for a long time. And part of this is keeping instruments at peak performance. Our in-depth calibration services ensure that your Rohde & Schwarz instruments perform like new for as long as possible.

As the manufacturer, we are the best equipped to calibrate our highly complex, cutting-edge devices. We've continually refined our calibration procedures, prioritizing both simplicity and transparency for our customers. The R&S®InstrumentManager provides a quick, intuitive access to important information and Rohde & Schwarz services, making it easy for you to keep track of instruments.


The new R&S®InstrumentManager

The new R&S®InstrumentManager is designed to give you access to our tailored service offerings, expediting processes and saving you time and effort. Prioritizing transparency, it keeps users informed on real-time equipment status and service support coverage. It is also compatible with tablet and smartphone, ensuring that effective instrument management is always at your fingertips.
Stay tuned for new instrument management features!

Benefits of the R&S®Instrument Manager online platform

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Keep track of what’s important

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How can I access the R&S®InstrumentManager?
What instruments are shown in the R&S®InstrumentManager?

You can overview and manage all instruments that are known to Rohde & Schwarz.

As you know best which instruments you are managing, you can adjust your personal instrument list. Consequently, the instrument list may be empty when you use IMA for the first time.

I have a large quantity of instruments. Do I have to register them all individually?

It is only possible to register instruments one by one, using the “add instrument manually” function. In case you want to register multiple instruments, please request consultation via the R&S®InstrumentManager. We will get back to you as soon as possible to support you with the individually best option.

Is it possible to see the options installed on an instrument?

It is possible to see the installed options in the instrument detail. It can be opened by clicking on the equipment type in the instrument list.

Will the R&S®InstrumentManager display all the information that currently exists in the Service Online Management Platform?

All your products, service states, history, customized settings, warranty, calibration and contract reminders are being moved to the R&S®InstrumentManager.

Can the calibration interval be customized?

The customization of the R&S recommended calibration interval is possible. Once a customized calibration interval is set in the instrument detail it will be the basis for the next calibration due date. Users will be notified accordingly.

What is the level of support status for my instruments, and where can I see it?

The support status of each instrument can be seen in the “My instrument list” as a color-coded description. When the support status changes to “limited”, you should think about reinvesting in a new instrument.

What is the difference between a service request and contract?
  • A Service Request is used to start a scheduled or unscheduled service (maintenance; such as a repair or a calibration) for a particular instrument, independently of the instrument warranty.
  • A Service Contract is a Service coverage which can be purchased after the warranty period to provide scheduled or unscheduled service.
What kind of service can be selected in the R&S®InstrumentManager?

All standard calibration and repair services offered by R&S are available in the R&S®InstrumentManager.

Is it possible to settle invoices for services or requests in R&S®InstrumentManager?

At the moment, invoices can only be settled by bank transfer.