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Rohde & Schwarz is fully dedicated to creating instruments that will serve for a long time, but also to the task of keeping those instruments accurate and performing as optimally as the day you started using them.

Our specialized services ensure the optimal precision and performance of your Rohde & Schwarz instruments. As the manufacturer, we have the deepest knowledge in calibrating our highly complex, cutting-edge devices. We have also fine-tuned our calibration procedures to keep them as simple and easy as possible for the customer, while also providing a better overview of the whole process. The R&S®InstrumentManager is created for easy management of your instruments by providing a quick, intuitive access to all important information and Rohde & Schwarz services.


Soon our new R&S®InstrumentManager will be launched.

The new R&S®InstrumentManager is designed to provide convenient and simple to use access to our service offerings.
Consequently, this enables an accelerated purchasing and service process, saving you time and effort. Moreover, the current status of equipment and service coverage is transparent.
An additional benefit is that now R&S®InstrumentManager can be used on tablets and smart phones.
Stay tuned about the new features for your instrument management.

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