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The media and broadcast environments are quickly evolving and broadcast playout needs to be there every step of the way. Viewer preferences and technology advancements are ultimately driving demands from emerging platforms that require for VOD and OTT delivery, and much more – nowadays playout requirements go drastically beyond linear playout.

Your broadcast playout solution needs to give a guaranteed top performance every time it’s showtime, and still be able to keep up with the ever-changing requirements. You need future-proof, easy, and cost-effective playout automation that allows you to be flexible and adapt quickly to the changes happening around you.

What comes to mind when thinking of the tools you need to deliver successful playout? You need: multi-channel playout automation, graphics template creation, cost-effective master control & channel branding for playout, cloud playout, and software-defined integrated master control playout, all of which Gallium and StreamMaster provide.

Discover how our solutions Gallium and StreamMaster help your business deliver great content, streamline your workflows, stand out with unique channel branding, automate your channels and networks in a reliable and efficient way, and much more. Get ready, it’s showtime!

Playout solutions

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Scalable workflow, scheduling and automation for single or multi-channel installations.
  • Automated control of transmission devices for broadcast graphics or complete channel playout
  • Integrated broadcast graphics for live playout
  • Built-in automated branding & promotion system offers unique in-channel/cross-channel capabilities.
  • Enterprise class reliability using COTS hardware. Software only playout means you get the advantage of COTS hardware and flexibility of future-proof software updates with new features and standards as they evolve.
  • Flexible, bespoke and modular, the combination of StreamMaster and Gallium offer a powerful suite of software tools to create the precise feature set needed for every individual broadcaster.
  • Use Opex pricing models to acquire just the exact features you need and only pay for it when you use it. Why pay for 100% of a hardware product when you only use 60% of the time 40% of the time.
  • IP SMPTE ST2110 Master Control playout solution using COTS hardware with optional SDI I/O for easy transition.
  • Quickly bring new channels to air on premise or in the cloud.
  • Easy cloud deployment for cost-effective business continuity & disaster recovery applications, even low cost or thematic channels.

Whitepaper: Cloud Playout

Broadcast technology has now evolved to the point where it is possible to deliver linear and nonlinear content from the public cloud. Read which merit consideration when evaluating cloud solutions for content delivery.

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