R&S®BBL200 Broadband Amplifier

Liquid-cooled power amplifiers for high field strengths

R&S®BBL200 single-band power amplifiers
Frequency band 9 kHz to 225 MHz
3000 W, liquid‑cooled, 31 HU rack modelR&S®BBL200BBL200-A3000
5000 W, liquid‑cooled, 42 HU rack modelR&S®BBL200BBL200-A5000
10 000 W, liquid‑cooled, 2 x 42 HU rack modelR&S®BBL200BBL200-A10000
Accessories supplied: rack power cord, user manual (printed and on CD), test report, indoor heat exchanger, 2 x 20 m cooling hose and filling pump.
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