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  • R&S®CMW-ATE terminal testing solution for IMS and VoLTE

    Brief DescriptionThe R&S®CMW-ATE (application test environment) is a test solution for IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) protocol testing of wireless devices.The R&S®CMW-ATE is the solution for verifying IMS functionalities such as VoLTE, SMS over IMS, IMS emergency calls and joyn (Rich Communication Suite enhanced, RCS-e) from R&D to conformance testing of the IMS protocol stack

  • Wireless Communications Testers & Systems - Test & Measurement

    Test solutions for the entire mobile station development life cycle.Productscovering all stages from research and development through manufacturing and integration and verification.ProductsAntenna characterization throughout the entire process from R&D to production.ProductsR&S®CMW - Battery life measurementsR&S®CMW - Video analysis test solutionR&S®CMW - Audio performance testing solutionR&S®CMW -

  • ATE ATT v17.30 patch status and known issues

    (Build placed /cmw_protocoltest/ATE/Patches/TTCN3/ATT/17.30 on sftp)Issue 4: Fixed in cont. build #22 onwards.(Build placed /cmw_protocoltest/ATE/Patches/TTCN3/ATT/17.30 on sftp)Issue 5: There is a error in one configuration file:1. Open "C:\Rohde-Schwarz\ATE\IMS_TC\CMW-ATE_ATT\17.30.0\tt3plugins\JsonCodecPlugin\TT3plugin.xml"2. Change line 5 to : <library name="../..

  • ATE CMCC 17.30.1 known issues

    TC 6.3.2 is now working in KAF80 17.30.1Please patch the new CONTEST DLLs attached to c:\Program Files (x86)\Rohde-Schwarz\Contest\16\Tests\ATE\16.00\IMS\ATE_CMCC\17.30.1

  • Verification & Conformance Testing

    Please contact us.R&S®TS7110 RF test fixture for modules and units with radio interface Please note the following successor product(s):R&S®TS7121 Shielded RF Test BoxesR&S®CMW AccessoriesR&S®DST200 RF Diagnostic Chamber

  • Infrastructure Testers by Rohde & Schwarz

    Rohde & Schwarz offers devices covering all stages from research and development through manufacturing and integration and verification.Signal GeneratorsSignal & Spectrum AnalyzersNetwork AnalyzersR&S®SMBV100A Vector Signal GeneratorR&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzerR&S®FSH handheld spectrum analyzerR&S®FSV Signal and Spectrum AnalyzerR&S®ZNB Vector Network Analyzer

  • Audio/Video Test Solutions by Rohde & Schwarz

    R&S®UPV Audio AnalyzerR&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video TestersR&S®CMW-PQA Test System for Performance Quality Analysis

  • Radiated Spurious Emissions, Regulatory & EMC Testing

    R&S®TS8996 RSE Test SystemR&S®DST200 RF Diagnostic ChamberR&S®TS8997 Regulatory Test System for Wireless Devices

  • RF & RRM Conformance Test Solutions by Rohde & Schwarz

    R&S®TS-ITS100 RF Conformance Test SystemIntegrated Test System for IEEE 802.11p testsR&S®TS8980 RF Test System FamilyR&S®TS895xGW GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA RF Test System FamilyR&S®TS-RRM LTE and WCDMA RRM test system

  • Location Based Services (LBS) Test Solutions by Rohde & Schwarz

    R&S®TS-LBS A-GNSS and OTDOA / eCID LTE FDD / TDD test systemTest System platform scalable from R&D to conformance testing for GNSS and Network Based Location Services for LTE, WCDMA, GSMR&S®GNSS-RxT Receiver Testers RED EN 303413GNSS test systemConducted GNSS receiver resilience testing of satellite GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, EGNOS, L1, L2, L5) location technologies

Results 1 - 10 of 80
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