5G Broadcast

5G Broadcast

An exciting opportunity to make your infrastructure more dynamic and intelligent

5G brought to the next level

Redefining the future of content delivery

5G is for sure promising to provide new and original technological and business opportunities. However, 5G brings also new broadcast and multicast capabilities to the whole ecosystem allowing other new applications and granular business potentials.

5G Broadcast/Multicast: Quality is key | Rohde & Schwarz

The quality is the key

Audience composition and behavior is difficult to predict, so implementing live video streaming is never simple. Delivery of live video streams can be complicated due to the limited capacity in the radio access network.

Live event viewers are as demanding as they are passionate. Engaging with content in a location with spotty unicast cellular service does nothing to dampen their demand for a pristine viewing experience. Anything that comes between them and the action — slow startup time, very low video resolution, the dreaded spinning pinwheel — means lower engagement, higher churn, a poor brand perception, and a lower likelihood that they’ll return to the network in order to consume.

5G Broadcast/Multicast: Technical and business challenges | Rohde & Schwarz

Network operators’ technical and business challenges

Consumers expect consistent high quality performance and availability wherever, whenever and on whatever device they choose. In addition, it is now more challenging than ever to ensure an enjoyable, glitch-free viewing experience online—especially when streaming live. If audience turnout exceeds the network capacity, users can be shut out of a live video streaming event, incapable of accessing content and left with a negative impression of the network operator or service provider.

Even if your network is in best cases prepared to handle the demand, video performance can suffer as a result of network congestion, latency and packet loss, forcing your audience to disengage and pursue better video quality elsewhere. This leads at the end to the loss of customer’s base.

Although the importance of quality has been the subject of discussion within the industry for several years, MNOs and Content Providers committed to long-term success must now adopt a more disciplined approach toward delivery and measurement — the stakes are too high to ignore the links between video quality, viewer expectations, and business performance.

5G Broadcast/Multicast: Business potential | Rohde & Schwarz

Business potential unleashed by broadcast/multicast over 5G?

Indeed 5G broadcast is not restricted to mobile TV. Indeed, it does not only deliver media and entertainment to smartphones but also reaches smart vehicles with OTA updates, media and entertainment inside the car and map updates. It provides many application segments to be efficiently implemented using 5G Multicast either in downlink- only mode or in a combination with uplink channel, using the same infrastructure.

Live event multicasting makes more sense while using this feature and 5G broadcast can transmit public safety multicast, such as urgent weather and community information, simplifying the relationship between community members and public authorities.

Several other services could be optimized while using multicast over 5G, including OTA multicast for centralized configuration and control, live commerce and rural E-learning where no internet connection is available or possible. In addition, 5G multicast enables venue casting where the consumer can combine live experience with home comfort.

5G Broadcast / Multicast portfolio

BSCC2.0 | Rohde & Schwarz

Broadcast Service & Control Center (R&S®BSCC2.0) enables the delivery of multimedia content over 5G networks in broadcast mode. It implements the BM-SC, MBMS-GW and MCE 3GPP instances, which allow launching Mobile TV and other multimedia services for network operators.

Product information

R&S®BSCC1.0 | Rohde & Schwarz

Broadcast Service & Control Center (R&S®BSCC1.0) enables the delivery of multimedia content over 5G networks in broadcast mode. It implements the BM-SC, MBMS-GW and MCE 3GPP instances, which allow launching Mobile TV and other multimedia services for network operators.

Product information

Manfred Reitmeier | Rohde & Schwarz
Introduction to the 5G Broadcast World Digital Conference

5G Broadcast World Digital Conference

At the 5G Broadcast World Digital Conference we brought together leading experts from several connected industries: Mobile Network Operators, Chipset Manufacturers, Content Providers, Handset & TV Manufacturers and Media Broadcasters. Along with our local technology experts you will find the answers to specific technical and business questions within the interactive presentations and discussions.

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5G Broadcast/Multicast infographic

Everything you need to know about 5G Broadcast/Multicast at a glance. Learn how 5G Broadcast/Multicast adresses the challenges of modern content distribution and find out what benefits it brings to your business.

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IEEE 5G Broadcast Aziz
Download the IEEE Broadcast Technology paper

IEEE 5G Broadcast - A New Era of Content Delivery

As we enter the new era of 5G Broadcast for contentdelivery, Mohamed Aziz Taga talks to IEEE about whether the unicast mechanism alone will be sufficient to handle high congestion situations or if additional broadcast/multicast delivery methods will be required.

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