It's showtime

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It’s showtime!

Knowing customers and their needs is a top priority for our product managers and sales engineers. Flexibility is essential for establishing a successful collaborative relationship – especially in dynamically changing situations.

What happens when big trade shows cannot take place the way they usually do? Two of our sales and product colleagues offer a look at the solutions they each thought up. One thing is certain: Trade show time is and remains showtime!

Iratxe Fernández Antón
Iratxe Fernández Antón explaining the product R&S®ATS800R handled by her as a product manager

Introducing Iratxe Fernández Antón

Job: Product Manager
Goal: Future-proofing products while focusing on customers
Background: Passionate committed to R&S and customers for more than eight years and in over 20 trade shows
Task: Presenting the latest products to customers and actively listening to them
New challenge: Canceling major annual trade show
Solution: Setting up a replica of a booth in Munich. Ready, camera, action! Presenting products and news in videos.
What defines product managers at Rohde & Schwarz? "We have a decisive impact on the product lifecycle and put in place strong ideas."
What she loves about her job: The variety, the atmosphere at trade shows and discussing ideas in our team as equals.
Top characteristics of our product managers: Independent thinking; flexibility and openness when working together with many different people.

"As product managers we have a very wide range of tasks: I analyze market potential, define roadmaps and develop strategies. In the process, the products impact the customers' expectations and vice versa. At trade shows I can then bounce my ideas off customers. Feedback is very valuable."
Iratxe Fernández Antón, Product Manager
André Vent
André Vent at the Technology Innovation Days 2020

Introducing André Vent

Job: Sales Engineer
Goal: Creating added value for customers and advancing innovations
Background: On board for six years, involved in over 30 trade shows
Task: Having an open ear for customers and markets
New challenge: Physical distancing during a major trade show
Solution: A virtual tour at the booth. Working with product colleagues to link to the systems at the customers' locations.
What defines salespeople at Rohde & Schwarz? "We are proactive with our customers. We promote innovations that create genuine added value."
What he loves about his job: The human component when dealing with his customers – everyone has their own personality.
Top characteristics of our sales engineers: empathy, understanding, listening skills. A little curiosity doesn't hurt.

"I see myself as a partner for our customers. My goal is to get the customers excited about our solutions while keeping their individual project requirements in mind. We can stay innovative and make a real difference in advancing the technologies in the market."
André Vent, Sales Engineer in Media Production Solutions

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