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Top priority: the health of our employees

We love technologies and challenges, we want to advance projects and make a significant contribution. To be able to do that, we have to be healthy. Our creativity and drive depend on our physical and mental well-being. That is why it is especially important to us at Rohde & Schwarz to help our employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. We believe that only happy and healthy employees can successfully turn their visions into reality. That's why our company health management is so important.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is an important cornerstone of our health management program. For example, our plant in Teisnach, Lower Bavaria, regularly offers health days where employees receive valuable tips on healthy nutrition and can attend presentations on cancer prevention. They can also take advantage of activities such as skin tumor screenings and vital screenings.

Our Munich headquarters also holds regular preventive care events, including information events. The health days with the theme "Our heart beats for our employees" were a great success. Speakers included a heart specialist who spoke about stroke and heart attack prevention. The highlight was an oversized model of a heart that employees could walk through. It clearly illustrated the anatomical structure of the heart and pathological changes that can occur.

The health of our employees is also a top priority at our plant in Memmingen. Carefully prepared intranet posts provide employees with valuable tips and tricks. Articles such as "Can sleep disorders be a habit?" and "Self-help for migraines" encourage employees to think about health issues. Mental health is another important aspect. Our site in the USA offers its employees online health programs to help them deal with fears, worries and stress.

Rohde & Schwarz career Hang-gliding

Hang-gliding means feeling liberated and free for our employees of the hang-gliding group

Rohde & Schwarz career healthy snacks in Teisnach

Healthy snacks for the employees during the health day in Teisnach

Rohde & Schwarz career paragliding group

The members of our paragliding group love to glide through the mountains and discover incredible landscapes

Rohde & Schwarz career HealthLoft

Our headquarters in Munich has its own fitness studio which can be used whenever it fits best in our employees’ daily routine

Rohde & Schwarz career paragliding

Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps

Rohde & Schwarz career QiGong

Qigong lets our employees forget the stress of everyday life

Rohde & Schwarz career divers

Our group of divers makes regular dives in the lakes of Munich

Healthy and fit through exercise

Regular physical activity is not only good for your health, it is also a lot of fun. That is why numerous company sports groups have sprung up over time. Munich even has paragliding, diving and dragon boating groups. Why are there so many different groups? "Our employees are very creative," says Esther Löb, Director HR Marketing & Recruiting at Rohde & Schwarz. "They make suggestions and we see if we can implement them. The triathlon group is the largest, with 45 members. They often ride to work on racing bikes and turn it into a minor racing competition."

In addition to sports groups, the company has its own fitness studio, which is used by almost half of the 3,000 employees at the Munich location. They can easily fit it into their daily routine. "The studio is right next to the company campus. Many employees go in the morning before work, while others visit the studio during their lunch break to work off stress," explains Esther Löb. At our location in Singapore, the motto is: Let's dance! The KPopX Fitness Enthusiasts combine catchy Korean pop music with different dance steps as a fun way to counteract stress. The course is offered by the Recreation Club, which brings together diverse sports groups that range from Zumba to hip-hop and yoga. HR Business Partner Christine Vasco is enthusiastic about all the activity at her location, "Happy and healthy colleagues mean a productive organization."

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