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Getting Started

When do online courses begin?

All of our online courses are self-paced and available on-demand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any worldwide location with internet access.

When will I receive the PDF course notes?

Course notes in PDF format are included with every course. When you start a course, you will find below a section with “Additional References”. Once you click on this you can download the course notes.

Where is the course login page?

You can find the login page for the online course portal here:

Are there any restrictions due a copyright of the course material (content)?

Content is made available solely for the personal use of Participants in connection with the Courses. The Content must not, in whole or part, be used, reproduced, transmitted or stored (in any form and by any means electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise) for any other purpose including on or in connection with another website or publication, or for direct commercial gain, without the prior written permission of the relevant copyright owner.

Account and Profile

How do I log in to my account?

To log in to your account:

Make sure you are logged in your “My Rohde & Schwarz” Account on the Rohde & Schwarz website.

How to redeem a coupon?

If you want to redeem your coupon from the webshop follow the link to access the redeem page.

If you are already registered and logged into the system you can type or copy the coupon you have received via e-mail and paste it into the respective field.

If you are not already registered or logged into the system you will be asked to perform this step first.

Taking Courses

How long is each online lesson?

Individual online lessons are generally between 1- and 15-minutes long and aim to cover one concept at a time whenever possible.

How are courses structured?

Courses are divided into modules, chapters and finally into bite-sized online lessons, typically between 1- and 15-minutes duration, so you can learn one concept at a time. You can replay each explanation again and again until you fully understand each concept before moving onto the next. Wherever applicable exercises are provided to check your individual learning success. You can also watch any lesson in any order. You are not forced to move through the course sequentially.

What language are courses taught in?

Courses are taught in English spoken if not otherwise indicated. Classroom trainings and Live-virtual classroom are also available in German language.

How are online courses delivered?

Courses are delivered as a series of lessons in the form of Powerpoint-style slides with a voiceover. Annotations are added by the instructor as lessons progress to highlight points of interest. Video demonstrations are live recordings of the course instructor with real test equipment in a laboratory setting. Exercises and assessments are provided to optimize your learning experience.

Do I need a broadband internet connection?

The player automatically adjusts video resolution based on your internet connection speed. However, we recommend a download bandwidth of at least 6 Mbps so you can watch lessons at the highest possible resolution and quality.

What is the best way to take a course?

Our courses have been designed as a series of modules. We recommend focusing on one module at a time, perhaps one or two modules per day, as you steadily work through a course.

How do I adjust the video quality?

Although our video player automatically adjusts video quality and resolution based on your internet connection speed, you may wish to override this setting in order to improve video quality and text clarity. You can do this by hovering over the course player window and clicking on the resolution icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

You can select between high, med and low resolution.

How do I switch to full screen viewing?

Selecting a higher resolution and enabling full screen viewing by clicking on the full screen icon is useful if you are having difficulty viewing text.

To switch to full screen viewing, hover over the course player window and click on the full screen icon in the bottom right-hand corner. To exit from full screen viewing, press the ESC key.

How long can I access a online course for?

Unless agreed otherwise, you have unlimited individual access to an online course you have enrolled on for 365 days from the activation date.

Can I view the video lessons at any time?

You can view the video lessons at any time during your course subscription period as long as you have internet access. You can leave a lesson part way through and return another time to complete it.

Certification courses and assessment?

To receive a printed certificate for a certification course you must complete all of the modules and video lessons. Assessment is via a short quiz at the end of each course module. The quizzes are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the technical content of each module and are straightforward to complete if you have understood each lesson. Every quiz consists of a series of questions with a pass mark of 80% before the quiz shows as complete. All quizzes may be re-taken as many times as required until the required pass mark is achieved.

Can I view video lessons again after completing them?

You can view video lessons as many times as you wish on an individual basis during the 365-day activation period. This applies even if you have completed a course and downloaded your certificate. To view a course again, click on “Completed” in the “My Training” Tile on your dashboard.

Can I cancel an online course if the content doesn’t’ serve my training needs?

Provided that the enrolled Participant has not viewed any more than 25% of the applicable online Course content, the Participant may al-so cancel the Online Course within 5 days of the start of the Activation Period for that Course. For more details Terms and Conditions

What happens when a course is rescheduled?

R&S reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a Course for any reason, including if R&S judges there to be an insufficient number of Participants enrolled on that particular Course. R&S will not be liable for any loss or expenses incurred by the Customer or Participant as a result of any such rescheduling, cancellation or alteration. For more details Terms and Conditions

Payment and Invoicing

How can I buy access to a course or bundle?

You can buy instant access to the course by clicking on the “Add to cart “button once you are a full registered user. The invoice will be sent to your company address. If you require a formal quote in order to raise a PO, then please find and contact your Sales here: Service & Sales Locator

How do corporate subscriptions work?

Corporate subscriptions give the staff members from the same company or organization access to online courses or other training formats, like live-virtual classrooms or classroom trainings according to coupons purchased.

Access is granted based on the company domain name part of an email address. Each user must generate one’s own account by performing a registration. For example, if your company email address has the format, then all staff members with email addresses ending in can request access.

How can I get a quote?

If you require a quote in order to raise a purchase order (PO) through your organization, just complete the contact form (see "Do you have any questions?" - Teaser below) including the following information in the message box or find and contact your local sales organization here: Service & Sales Locator

Can my employer buy access for multiple individuals?

Yes, they can. This is ideal for new entrants or graduates that must quickly get up-to-speed before they become productive. Multiple ‘seats’ can be purchased under the same purchase order with seats assigned to individuals as and when required. A fully registered user can purchase the necessary number of coupons which can be distributed to the participants. Each participant can make use of the coupon on the platform after registration.


Why are video lessons taking a long time to start playing?

If lessons are taking a while before they start playing, it is worth first checking your internet download speed using a speed checking service. If your download speed is at least 1 Mbps and you are still having issues, then please contact support so we can investigate.

About Us

What is “The R&S Technology Academy”?

The R&S Technology Academy was founded more than 35 years ago as the Rohde & Schwarz Training Center to train R&S customers on the entire R&S portfolio of RF products, systems applications and related RF technologies. One of the first public customer training offerings dates from 1987. The topics within R&S standard programs are varying, however R&S also offers a wide range of customized courses in several formats (classroom, onsite, Live-virtual and online courses).

R&S began its first E-Learning activity in 2001 by establishing a small video studio. The trainer presented the topic in front of a camera and a video tape was prepared for distribution to internal employees. The first active steps towards the direction of digital E-Learnings (computer-based trainings) began in 2005. Today we are developing and deliver technical training courses in several learning formats.

Our focus is on teaching practical, relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge that you can apply immediately in the workplace.

Where is “The R&S Technology Academy located?

Our online courses are available 24/7 in any location worldwide with internet access. Live-virtual classrooms are available at dedicated dates in any location and our classroom courses are offered at several R&S locations at fixed date or on your premises.

Who teaches the courses?

All trainings are performed by certified technical trainers, each of them a subject matter expert, typically with over 20 years of experience, ready to share their comprehensive knowledge of the subjects they teach. Beside their technical expertise every trainer is educated in the fundamentals in didactic and teaching methods.

We aim to translate complex technical theory into practical, understandable and relevant concepts that can be applied to solve real world problems.

What’s our Philosophy?

Independent of the learning format, R&S courses and the assessments are structured and prepared according to well-defined learning objectives with interaction, practical exercises written exercises, self-assessments and final assessment, if applicable. If necessary additional application notes and other learning lectures are added to the course.

We aim to develop your skills to make you more knowledgeable and efficient.

For any questions, feel free to contact our team.

Do you have any questions?

Let us know.

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