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RF and microwave basics 1

RF and microwave basics introduction

Part 1

Let us start with an overview of this training and introduce the topics.

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RF and microwave basics 2


Part 2

Then we give more details of the Chapter 1, this is what you get here for free. We explain RF and microwave, describe what electromagnetic spectrum means and name the different frequency bands that are in use.

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 RF and microwave basics 3

RF propagation: Ripples on a pond

Part 3

We explain RF propagation by using the picture of the ripple on a pond.

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RF and microwave basics 4

Definition of RF and microwaves

Part 4

Next is the definition of RF and Microwave while talking about wavelength, typical frequency bands and typical applications.

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RF and microwave basics 5

Electromagnetic frequency spectrum

Part 5

We look into the details of the electromagnetic spectrum and why the size of an antenna matters.

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Attenuation of EM waves by atmosphere

Part 6

Another important topic is how does the atmosphere influence an electromagnetic wave and the propagation.

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Frequency allocations

Part 7

Who is taking care of all these frequencies.and how is the spectrum allocated.

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Microwave frequency bands

Part 8

Different frequency bands have different designations. Unfortunately there is an old and new designation. Let´s check it out.

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Distributed not lumped

Part 9

How to use distributed circuits at radio frequencies and what to take into account by using coils or capacitors.

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Electric fields

Part 10

More details about the electric field and the field around a wire.

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Magnetic fields

Part 11

The magnetic field and the right hand rule for magnetic field and electric current.

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Electromagnetic radiation

Part 12

The electromagnetic radiation and how this is useful to build an antenna to propagate a signal through space.

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Maxwell's equations for harmonic time dependence

Part 13

The Maxwell’s equations and the new way of mathematics, vector calculus, e.g. to describe the relation between E field and magnetic field.

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Plane wave fields

Part 14

The plane wave fields and the relation between magnetic and electric field.

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RF wave characteristics

Part 15

Parallels between radio frequency and low frequency as well as common terminology.

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Units of power, db and dbm

Part 16

All you need to know about units of power like dB and dBm and where these units come from.

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RF history

Part 17

Some words about the RF history starting from the electro magnetism, like Morse code.

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Timeline of wireless communications development

Part 18

The timeline of wireless communication is quite short, from wireless telegraphy to mobiles.

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Safety issues - exposure

Part 19

Here is review of key aspects and safety to reduce health risk.

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Safety issues - sar limits

Part 20

Let us look into RF exposure and a heating effect.

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Part 21

This is the summary and e.g. you should have understood the nature of RF and microwave signals or name the frequency bands.

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Final test

Part 22

Here you would go to our final test.

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Final words

Part 23

Final words and thanks for your interest in our course.

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