Mobile communication

Mobile Communication : 5G NR physical Layer technology, hands-on with Signal Generator and Analyzer

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Language UK - English
Trainer Martin Münchow
Price on request
Short designation TR108-28E


Would you like to learn something about the 5G NR mobile communications generation, the successor to LTE? We will help you with the changeover to 5G NR so that you can simulate realistic scenarios in your lab using a generator and a spectrum analyzer. The target group is base station and user equipment manufacturers.


We will start with an overview of OFDM and what the signals will look like in 5G NR. Since neither generators nor spectrum analyzers support signaling, we will concentrate on the physical layer, focusing on TS38.201. Please be aware that the training will be adjusted on short notice if there are updates to the relevant standardization documents (for example, relating to PDCH, PDCCH, PBCH, PRACH and others).

The following instruments will be used in this course: the R&S®SMW200A with the -K114/-K144 options to generate signals and an R&S®FSW26 with suitable equipment and firmware to analyze these signals. For signal analysis, the R&S®VSE software will also be used. We will start with OFDM signals that look like 5G NR signals. In the next step, we will generate and measure 5G NR signals, provided the instrument options support this.

Target Group

  • Engineers, technicians and specialists who need to know about 5G NR in order to be able to generate, measure and verify signals during their routine work.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: English