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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator

Single channel DOCSIS 3.1 in realtime

R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator
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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator
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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator
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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator
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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator
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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator
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R&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator, Front viewR&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator, Front HighR&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator, Side viewR&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator, Back viewR&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator, Hero viewR&S®SFD DOCSIS signal generator, Application Image

Key facts

  • Downstream: 47 MHz to 1218 MHz/1794 MHz, Upstream: 5 MHz to 204 MHz
  • DOCSIS3.1, DOCSIS3.0, J.83/A/B/C and analog TV
  • Signal interference and distortion simulation
  • Simultaneous generation of at least 80 SC-QAM channels between 1002 to 1794 MHz
  • ARB generator bandwidth up to 200 MHz

DOCSIS 3.1 single channel realtime generator

The R&S®SFD generates a DOCSIS 3.1 channel in realtime with flexible setting of the level, frequency, constellation and all other parameters according the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. The R&S®SFD can alternatively generate a digital realtime modulated TV signal according the J83A/B/C specification. The content can be fed in via IP or internally generated by the R&S®SFD.

Features & benefits

Signal generation in the downstream

Flexible realtime downstream modulation

The R&S®SFD modulates signals for DOCSIS 3.1, DOCSIS 3.0, digital cable TV in line with J.83/A/B/C in real time. Its downstream frequency range is 47 MHz to 1794 MHz for DOCSIS 3.1 and 47 MHz to 1218 MHz for DOCSIS 3.0 and digtal TV. All parameters can be set via GUI or via SCPI remote commands. The user data to be transmitted can be fed in via IP or internally generated by the R&S®SFD from PRBS or an user file. The SFD-K202 option allows the simultaneous generation of at least 80 SC-QAM channels in the extended operating range of 1002 to 1794 MHz.

R&S®SFD GUI - Downstream configuration
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R&S®SFD GUI - Downstream configuration

Easy to use GUI allows the setup of the downstream signal with all required parameters. Predefinded values speed up the time to the first results.

Signal generation in the upstream

Flexible realtime upstream modulation

The upstream frequency range is 5 MHz to 204 MHz. Within this range, a DOCSIS 3.1 orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) signal can be generated in realtime. A DOCSIS 3.0 TDMA or CDMA signal can be produced in realtime in the 5 MHz to 85 MHz range. The trigger function allows precise burst timing control. The R&S®SFD is an ideal solution for testing tuners, cable modems and upstream CMTS receivers.

R&S®SFD GUI - Upstream configuration
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R&S®SFD GUI - Upstream configuration

Easy to use GUI allows the setup of the upstream signal with all required parameters. Predefinded values speed up the time to the first results.

Signal interference and distortion simulation

Simulate realistic receive conditions

For realistic signal generation, the R&S®SFD can add interference such as noise, phase noise, hum, tilt and even a defined bit error rate (BER). The signal tilt can be set positive or negative for simulation or compensation of the frequency response of a real coax CATV cable.

R&S®SFD GUI - Impairments configuration
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R&S®SFD GUI - Impairments configuration

The impairments settings can be mixed and set independed. RF tilt settings (dB/GHz) are set on the home GUI section.

Powerful ARB generator

The integrated ARB generator can generate up to 200 MHz wide signals and is usable in the entire downstream or upstream frequency range. The maximum sample rate is 240 Msamples/s and the ARB file size up to 256 Mbyte.

R&S®SFD GUI - ARB files
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R&S®SFD GUI - ARB files

The most popular signals from worldwide CATV networks can be modulated with the ARB files. The factory files can be extended by user files.

Available options

Software options

Order number 2118.7423.02


Downstream Generator

DOCSIS 3.1/3.0, J.83/A/B/C, downstream modulation, 47 MHz to 1218 MHz


Order number 2118.7830.02


Enhanced Downstream Functions

Insertion of DOCSIS timestamps in downstream PLC, flow rate indicator and additional transmission of DPD messages for profiles B, C and D on the PLC (FSW compatibility mode)


Order number 2118.8242.02


Extended Spectrum Multi-Carrier SC-QAM

DOCSIS 4.0 FDD Multi-Carrier SC-QAM Generation J.83A/B, 1002 to 1794 MHZ 


Order number 2118.7430.02


Upstream Generator

DOCSIS 3.1 and 3.0, upstream modulation, 5 MHz to 204 MHz


Order number 2118.7452.02


Downstream Frequency Range Extension to 1794 MHz


Order number 2118.7446.02


Signal Interference Simulation

Interferer simulation, AWGN, phase noise, AC hum, defined BER


Order number 2118.7469.02


Basic Waveform Library

Bundle of frequently used waveforms

General accessories

Order number 1177.8184.00


19" Adapter BW2010-ADV, 2HU 1/2 + Spare


Order number 1177.8149.00


19" Adapter BW2010 Advanced, Cabinet 2HU 1/2 + ½

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