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  • Webinar Improving the Efficiency of Your Envelope Tracking Test Setup

    Rohde & Schwarz webinar from January 15, 2014An increasing number of power amplifiers support envelope tracking technology to improve efficiency and therefore extend battery life in smartphones and tactical radios. This webinar explains the basic principles of envelope tracking and the test challenges involved in this technology. As envelope tracking is often used in combination with predistortion,

  • Featured Products for GSM / GPRS / EDGE Evolution / VAMOS

    Rohde & Schwarz provides a complete product portfolio for GSM/GPRS/EDGE: digital standards on general-purpose equipment such as vector signal generators and signal and spectrum analyzers; dedicated communications testers and complete conformance test systems. The latest enhancements including EDGE Evolution functionality and the VAMOS feature are supported, while future implementations will reflect

  • eCall and ERA-Glonass system module testing presented at GSMA MWC 2015

    Presented at GSMA MWC 2015Rohde & Schwarz presented an automated solution for reliable and reproducible end-to-end conformance testing of eCall and ERA-Glonass modules at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. The setup enables to test whether the IVS modem is able to trigger an emergency call, send the correct MSD data to the 2G/3G network, establish a voice connection with the PSAP and

  • Webinar: Vehicle Communications for Safety: eCall Fundamentals and Test Solutions

    Rohde & Schwarz Webinar from December 03, 2013eCall is an interoperable in-vehicle emergency call system designed with the objective to greatly reduce response times in the case of an accident in order to save human lives. In contrast to other already existing private services, eCall is based on a pan-European standard and is required to be introduced for all new car models from 2015 onwards by the

  • Video: VAMOS or How to Potentially Double Speech Capacity in GSM

    A comprehensive introduction of the VAMOS technology and its test solutions for both user equipment and base stations.VAMOS (Voice services over Adaptive Multi-user channels on One Slot) can double the voice capacity of existing GSM mobile communication networks and is specified in 3GPP GERAN (GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network) Release 9. Supporting two voice users on a single radio resource requires enhanced

  • Bluetooth Applications

    Thereby the R&S CMW acts as a master, while the Equipment under Test (EUT) represents the slave(s) of the piconet.Advanced Bluetooth® RF Tests with R&S®CMWrun The Rohde & Schwarz Bluetooth RF test solution with the R&S®CMW and R&S®CMWrun is closely aligned to the Bluetooth RF Test Suite.

  • GSM / GPRS / EDGE Evolution / VAMOS Fundamentals

    GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks have been deployed worldwide as second-generation mobile communications systems. GSM originally was developed to transmit voice, but it is also able to transmit data with a max. load of 9.6 kbit/s in the downlink and uplink. With the technical interim solution HSCSD, the max. data rate was increased to 43.2 kbit/s in the downlink and 14.4 kbit/

  • GSM / GPRS / EDGE Evolution / VAMOS Webinars & Videos

  • Indoor mapping with the R&S®FSH presented at GSMA MWC 2015

    Presented at GSMA MWC 2015Rohde & Schwarz presented the new indoor mapping option for network operators at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. To measure indoor coverage where no GPS signal is available, indoor maps are imported into the R&S®FSH handheld spectrum analyzer. The actual measurement position can easily be marked on the map.Play Video

  • The new R&S®TSMA autonomous mobile network scanner presented at GSMA MWC 2015

    Presented at GSMA MWC 2015The new R&S®TSMA mobile network scanner has been showcased by Rohde & Schwarz at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Capable to execute drive tests without an external PC, the R&S®TSMA provides precise, high-speed collection of RF data in all mobile networks. It either connects to a smartphone like SwissQual QualiPoc Android or runs a complete drive test software

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