ATSC Mobile DTV Technology


The Advanced Television Systems Committee has officially adopted A/153 as the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard, which has been developed as an in-band solution that both enables new services for mobile receivers, and preserves backward compatibility for existing ATSC DTV receivers. This technology will allow broadcasters to offer multiple program services without the need for additional spectrum. In total, a data rate of 19.39 Mbps is available for the dual transmission.

Many US broadcasters have already committed to offering services before the end of 2009, and on October 16th, Rohde & Schwarz announced the first successful installation of the industry’s first fully-compliant ATSC Mobile DTV multiplexer and exciter for the new A/153 Mobile DTV standard at Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WNUV-DT station in Baltimore.

The Proposed ATSC Mobile DTV Standard A/153 enables the broadcast industry to offer real-time programming and services to mobile customers almost anywhere, and provides them with new potential revenue opportunities. Because of our position as the global leader in mobile television transmission technology, regardless of the standard, broadcasters know they can get the features that are most important to them. Rohde & Schwarz is ready with a full range of equipment to support ATSC Mobile DTV, and has already implemented both MFN and SFN systems in US markets.

Characteristics in short:

  • High definition reception at home with main ATSC (SD- and HDTV services)
  • Robust portable and mobile reception
  • Efficient video coding at low bit rates for mobile services H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
  • Mobile content protected by complex FEC mechanisms and training sequences
  • Total data rate of 19.39 Mbps shared for main ATSC and mobile services
  • Compatible to main ATSC standard A/53

Technology Overview

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