Introduction to radio monitoring

Краткое обозначение: TR308-5E Radio Monitoring


on request
on request
Peter Lampel


New communication services, an increasing number of subscribers and terminals and the unabated demand for greater bandwidth result in an increasingly dense occupancy of the radio spectrum. A challenge, which equally affects civil regulatory authorities, military and commercial network operators. The first step to meet this challenge is an efficient monitoring of the radio spectrum.

This seminar introduces the participants to the basics of radio monitoring and explains in detail the functions and applications of a modern radio monitoring receiver. Practical exercises on all important measurement tasks enhance the knowledge. Thus, the participant learns the operation and efficient handling of the receiver.


Tasks, methods and tools for radio monitoring

ITU recommendations on radio monitoring and their proof of compliance

Technology and function of a radio monitoring receiver

Key parameters of a receiver

Signal representation in time domain and frequency domain

Spectrum display and signal demodulation

Measurement functions of a radio monitoring receiver

Real-time spectrum display and waterfall diagram

Scanning of frequency bands

Stationary radio monitoring receivers and systems

Interference-hunting with a portable receiver

Vehicle-based mobile interference detection

Целевая группа

  • Engineers, technicians and system operators who enforce the correct use of the radio spectrum by means of radio monitoring receivers.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: English

Идентификатор Семинары
Radio Monitoring
TR308-7E Interference hunting with a test receiver and a directional antenna
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TR308-5E: Introduction to radio monitoring: (on request)
on request

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