WLAN: From 802.11a to 802.11ax

Краткое обозначение: TR208-17 E Mobile Communication


on request
on request
Martin Münchow


You want to learn something about WLAN, because it is your task to find a solution for your lab or a production line?


Wave propagation and MiMo

Understand diversity and beam forming

Single carrier versus Multi Carrier (OFDM)

Multi path effects, delay spread, Doppler and fading

WLAN from 802.11a over b,g,n to 802.11ac and new 802.11ax.

We will look into the different signals on the physical layer, related to different standards and settings. We will generate signals for Research & Development (SiSo & MiMo) as well as for a production line. We will finish with a short look at RED and what is happening there.

This training does not include theory or measurements related to signaling.

Целевая группа

  • Engineers, technicians, users and product managers who need to know WLAN, because they verify or integrate and need to perform several measurement tasks during their work.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: English

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TR208-17 E: WLAN: From 802.11a to 802.11ax: (on request)
on request

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