R&S®IQR I/Q Data Recorder

Realtime recording and streaming of digital I/Q data

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Product Family
Memory packs
  • R&S®IQR-B020 Код заказа 1513.4700.20
    R&S®IQR Memory Pack

    2 Tbyte HDD Memory Pack, up to 80 Mbyte/s for the R&S®IQR20 (can also be used for the R&S®IQR100)

  • R&S®IQR-B119F Код заказа 1513.4723.19
    R&S®IQR Memory Pack

    1.9 TByte SSD Memory Pack, up to 400 Mbyte/s for the R&S®IQR100
    (can also be used for the R&S®IQR20)

  • R&S®IQR-B138F Код заказа 1513.4723.38
    R&S®IQR Memory Pack

    3.8 Tbyte SSD Memory Pack, up to 400 Mbyte/s, for the R&S®IQR100
    (can also be used for the R&S®IQR20)

  • R&S®IQR-K101 Код заказа 1513.5001.02
    Import/Export of I/Q Files and Metadata via Ethernet or USB interface

    For the time being, only R&S®TSMW, R&S®FSV, R&S®FSVR, R&S®FSW, R&S®FSQ, R&S®FSG and R&S®FMU36 data can be exported.

  • R&S®IQR-K102 Код заказа 1513.5018.02
    Recording of GPS Data from the R&S®TSMW (up to 4 Hz) or R&S®TSMX-PPS2 (1 Hz) on the R&S®IQR as meta data file

  • R&S®IQR-K103 Код заказа 1513.5024.02
    Graphical Display of GPS Position and Route Data

    (R&S®IQR-K102 required)

  • R&S®IQR-K104 Код заказа 1517.5182.02
    Ref. Level Controlled Recording and Replay of RF Signals for AGC

  • R&S®IQR-K105 Код заказа 1517.5047.02
    Multiplexing of two I/Q Data Streams

    Can only be used with the R&S®TSMW.

  • R&S®IQR-K107 Код заказа 1517.5060.02
    Second I/Q Output Channel

    Can only be used with the R&S®TSMW.

  • R&S®IQR-K1 Код заказа 1513.4730.02
    Software for configuring the R&S®TSMW via LAN

    (R&S®TSMW-K1 and R&S®TSMW-B1 required)
    Can only be used with the R&S®TSMW.

  • R&S®IQR-K2 Код заказа 1513.4752.02
    Software for control external generators with the R&S®IQR

  • R&S®IQR-U107 Код заказа 1517.5118.03
    Upgrade to I/Q Streaming Board 2 and Activation of Second Output

    Can only be used with the R&S®TSMW.

  • R&S®ZZA-KN24 Код заказа 1175.3233.00R&S®ZZA-KN24 19" Rack Adapter
    19" Rack Adapter

    For mounting two half 19" housings 3 RU high next to each other in a standard 19" rack

  • R&S®ZZA-KN25 Код заказа 1175.3240.00R&S®ZZA-KN25 19" Rack Adapter
    19" Rack Adapter

    For mounting a half 19" housing 3 RU high in a standard 19" rack

  • R&S®SMU-Z6 Код заказа 1415.0201.02
    Additional Cable for connecting R&S®Digital I/Q Interfaces

  • R&S®PSDC-B200 Код заказа 1513.4617.02
    Power Supply Module

    10 V to 30 V DC, 200 VA

  • R&S®IQR-Z19-T Код заказа 1513.4623.30
    19" Rack Adapter, R&S®IQR + R&S®TSMW

  • R&S®IQR-CAS1 Код заказа 1513.4652.02
    19" Case, 3 HU, for 1 × R&S®TSMW and 1 × R&S®IQR, without integration

  • R&S®IQR-CAS-I1 Код заказа 1517.5218.02
    Integration of devices and accessories in R&S®IQR-CAS1 housing

  • R&S®IQR-B32 Код заказа 1321.3750.10
    External Li-Ion Battery Pack for R&S®IQR-CAS1, R&S®TSMW, R&S®IQR

    (includes 4 Li-ion batteries), external charger required

  • R&S®CMA-Z062A Код заказа 1209.5355K02
    Li-Ion Battery Charger

  • R&S®CMA-Z061A Код заказа 1209.5303.02
    Li-Ion Battery, two batteries

  • R&S®TSMW-Z20 Код заказа 1506.9775.02
    Hardware Kit for RF frontend and GPS receiver of the R&S®TSMW

  • R&S®IQR-Z101 Код заказа 1513.4630.10
    Y Cable for two DC power supplies (R&S®IQR, R&S®TSMW)

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