Signal Intelligence

Signal intelligence refers to the gathering of information by intercepting signals, for example through radiomonitoring. Intelligence, in this context, is knowledge about the world around us to help a country's civilian and military leaders make more informed decisions, enabling them to cope with potential and emerging threats to their country's interests.

Rohde & Schwarz assists you in solving your complex tasks by providing all-in-one signal intelligence solutions for searching for, detecting, analyzing and jamming all types of communications signals from HF to SHF as well as non-communications signals – for any modulation and transmission method. Whether voice, fax or data, analog or digital signals, whether encryption or LPI methods such as frequency hopping or spread spectrum techniques are used – we have the optimum solution to meet your requirements.

Rohde & Schwarz COMINT/CESM systems include antennas, receivers, direction finders and signal analysis devices − all from Rohde & Schwarz. The systems use the R&S®RAMON system software.

  • R&S®RAMON Radiomonitoring Software

    Modular radiomonitoring and radiolocation software

    • Software modules for communications intelligence – from mission planning to evaluation
    • High probability of intercept
  • R&S®Presentation Suite

    Automatic processing and display of intercepted radio emissions

    • Automated creation and visualization of an electronic situation picture from data intercepted by Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring systems
    • Flexible multi-user system with configurable user rights
  • R&S®Propagation Calculation Tool

    Site planning for radiomonitoring systems

    • Rapid calculation to determine possible sites for radiomonitoring systems while taking into account the propagation conditions
    • Support in radio network planning
  • R&S®MapView Basic Module of R&S®MapView Geographic Information Software

    For displaying geographic data on digital vector and raster maps

    • Use in direction finding and radiolocation systems as well as in coverage measurement systems
    • Fast online display of results on digitized maps
  • R&S®AllAudio Integrated Digital Audio Software

    For recording, playback, mixing and distribution of audio signals

    • Integrated digital recording, instant playback, editing and distribution of audio signals without additional multiplexers and cabling
  • R&S®RA-CHM System Status Monitoring

    For maximum system availability

    • System-specific integrated remote monitoring of all relevant system parameters of complex COMINT systems
    • Display of measured values versus time
  • R&S®SRTS Software-Based R&S®RAMON Training System

    Status monitoring of complex COMINT systems

    • Completely software-based training with defined signal environments
    • Scalable number of user workstations (1 to n)
COTS Systems
  • R&S®MP007 Portable Direction Finding System

    Compact and extremely precise

    • Outstanding DF accuracy in compact design
    • Wide frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz (DF mode)
  • R&S®MobileLocator

    Advanced interference hunting and emitter location

    • Fast, easy installation in commercial vehicles
    • Optimized for interference hunting in urban areas (multipath propagation)
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