NB-IoT – the cellular LPWAN

NB-IoT – the cellular LPWAN

Rohde & Schwarz offers comprehensive test solutions to cover the most demanding NB-IoT test requirements – from design to production and deployment

First specified by 3GPP in Release 13, NB-IoT is the most suitable mobile network technology for IoT applications requiring exceptionally deep coverage and extremely low power consumption. These applications are typically charaterized by low data rates and moderate reaction times of a few seconds, such as smart metering, connected trash cans, bikes, bee farms or mouse traps. The first network deployments began back in late 2017 and global commercial rollouts started in 2018. NB-IoT can be deployed inside an LTE carrier, in the LTE guard band and as a standalone solution. In the future, the very flexible numerology of 5G NR will also facilitate 5G in-band operation for NB-IoT.

The unique feature set of NB-IoT

The unique feature set of NB-IoT

In a nutshell, NB-IoT can be characterized as cellular LPWAN technology operating in downlink within 180 kHz (one PRB) and a 15 kHz subcarrier spacing and in uplink typically with a 3.75 kHz or 15 kHz single-tone transmission. In order to meet the additional 20 dB maximum coupling loss (MCL) requirement, NB-IoT uses coverage enhancement techniques such as power boosting in downlink or subframe repetition in both uplink and downlink. A battery life of more than 10 years calls for specific power saving features like PSM, eDRX or release assistance indication (RAI). Moreover, the introduction of NB-IoT and LTE-M required an optimized core architecture to be specified that allows, for example, the transmission of user data via the control plane and early data transmission (EDT).

Your NB-IoT test challenges

NB-IoT largely reuses familiar features and techniques from LTE. Hence, the majority of test applications are very similar to testing an LTE modem. However, specific LPWAN application features require particular attention. For example, detailed analysis and optimization of power consumption under different configurations and operational models is highly recommend to ensure a battery life of more than 10 years. Operations under extreme coverage conditions require best-in-class RF and antenna designs, which are ideally verified by over-the-air testing. It is also recommended to analyze the impact of different CE levels on power consumption and latency as well as operation under different fading conditions. End-to-end application testing and, in particular, verifying secure and private communications behavior of NB-IoT devices is also of interest.

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz NB-IoT test solutions

  • Complete set of solutions covering tests for NB-IoT base stations, chipsets, modules and devices
  • Test solutions for every area – from R&D to production and service
  • Best-in-class solutions for conformance, preconformance and operator acceptance testing

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