This is Manufacturing at Rohde & Schwarz

The people in Production finish what our development locations create

Our plants are the core of our company. The results generated by our R&D locations are implemented with precision in our production facilities – because we always put quality first.

Our dedicated employees apply their passion, intelligence and skills day in and day out to ensure that we can keep inspiring our customers with solutions tailored to their needs. They roll up their sleeves and fully identify with customers' wishes. Of the more than 13,000 people working for Rohde & Schwarz worldwide, approximately 4000 work at our main plants.

Alongside smaller plants in Singapore and Malaysia that keep production close to the company's R&D activities at Asian headquarters, most products are manufactured in Vimperk (Czech Republic), in Memmingen, in the southwestern German region of Swabia, and in Teisnach in Lower Bavaria. Every plant has its own focus: Teisnach is the system and transmitter supplier in the production plant network, producing printed boards and accommodating mechanical production. Memmingen is responsible for microelectronics, testing technology and final production of T&M instruments. Our Czech plant in Vimperk mainly produces oscilloscopes, signal generators and cables.

To maintain our high quality standards on a consistent and sustainable basis, all of our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and employ the latest production technologies. This paves the way for continuing the tradition of high tech made by Rohde & Schwarz.

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As an independent, privately owned company, we finance our growth with our own resources. This permits long-term and sustainable planning. Support us in achieving the objectives of our innovative projects and help us shape the future!

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Our Production spills the beans

Employee interview: Production Manager Martin

"We assemble the mechanical and electronic components together."

Our production manager, Martin, provides fascinating insights into the two disciplines of our production and the essential testing of the devices.

Employee interview: Production Christian Erben

"Previously, we used to make up to 500 submounts per week and now up to 3200."

Christian, from our factory in Teisnach, tells about a project where he had to find an automated solution. Due to the rapidly increasing number of submounts, manual handling was no longer feasible, and an automated solution had to be found.

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