1MA154: LTE-A Base Station Transmitter Tests

3GPP TS36.141 defines conformance tests for EUTRA base stations (eNodeB). Release 12 (LTEAdvanced) added several tests, such as those for contiguous and non-contiguous multicarrier and/or carrier aggregation (CA) scenarios.

This application note describes how all required transmitter (Tx) tests (TS36.141 Chapter 6) can be performed quickly and easily by using signal and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz. A few tests additionally require signal generators from Rohde & Schwarz.

Examples illustrate the manual operation. A free software program enables and demonstrates remote operation.

The LTE base station receiver (Rx) tests (TS36.141 Chapter 7) are described in Application Note 1MA195.

The LTE base station performance (Px) tests (TS36.141 Chapter 8) are described in Application Note 1MA162.

Please send a mail to tm-applications@rohde-schwarz.com to get the TSrun software with the according modules.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1MA154_5e_LTE_BS_Tx_Tests.pdf Application Note English 5e 09.06.2016 9 MB
LTE_Rel12_BS_covered_tests_April2016.pdf Application Note File English 2 04.03.2015 242 kB
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