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How can I generate and Export a Test Report?


Is it possible to generate test reports? Can I export the test reports to other Windows applications?


Yes, both is possible.

First, you have to configure your report with different report components.

To create a report and to add a component to the report, proceed as follows:

1. Click on the Create Report icon or select REPORT => REPORT from the menu bar.

2. Select a component from the "Available Components" list, e.g. header, test template,

grafics generated, comments, transducer tables, limit lines, etc.

3. Then click the Down Arrow icon. The component will be added to the list

of selected components and removed from the list of available components (except

for the New Page component). Using the context menu (click component with right mouse

button) you can change any component's position within the list.

As an alternative, you can also use the drag & drop function.

Now you can print or export your report. For the export, you

can use the RTF, HTML and PDF file formats. You can select the output format,

choose the output directory and export the report using the menu REPORT => FILE