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How to add a Graphic for Reverse Power to a Test


My hardware setup has a power meter for amplifier forward power and reverse power. I would like to see the

reverse power in my test. How can I add a graphic for the reverse power to my test?


You have to use the System Monitoring feature. System Monitoring is similar to EUT Monitoring, but here the

EMS test system itself will be monitored instead of the DUT. Parameters to be monitored are, for instance, the

current immunity level, the amplifier output power, the transducer input power or the VSWR.

If the hardware setup selected in the EMS Scan template contains a reverse power meter, it is possible to

display the wanted reflected power at the amplifier output. Please proceed as follows to add the reverse power measurement to the test:

1.) Open your EMS Scan template.

2.) Click "System Monitoring" to open the "System Monitor Setup" editor.

3.) In its upper part, the editor provides a schematic system overview, in which the currently active

monitoring parameters are shown. Each eye symbol represents a point in the system where parameters

are available for monitoring. Moving the mouse over an eye symbol will make appear a tooltip text listing all

of the parameters available for this point. The eye symbol from the amplifier refers to the wanted reflected power.

4.) Click with the right mouse button on the wanted eye symbol to mark it with a yellow flag. The yellow flag

will show the number of the parameter's row in the "System Monitor Parameters" table.

5.) Go to the lower part of the editor ("System Monitor Parameters") and use "Amplifier Reverse Power" to set

Active to "Yes" and Display to "Yes".

6.) Switch off the "Combine Channels in Graphics" option and close the "System Monitoring Setup" by

clicking OK.

7.) Close the EMS Scan template by clicking OK und and run a new test.

8.) As soon as EMC32 changes to the measurement mode, you will see the wanted graphic "Amp Out Rev".