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Using an EMI Probe with EMC32


I would like to do EMI measurements with a Probe. The thing is that I don’t have a "Probes” section in Device List menu. For instance within this menu, I have Generators, Receivers, etc. but not “Probes”.


The device type "Transducers" is used for all kinds of passive elements. Their functional scope is the same as the one of Antennas or LISNs, but without their special features which distinguish these device types. Please use the device type "Transducer", if you would like to add a Probe to EMC32 Device List. You can also use the same device type, if you have e.g. a Current Clamp or a CDN instead of a Probe.

Simply add a Device of the device type "Transducer" to the list of Configured Devices.

Using an EMI Probe with EMC32

After this, just rename it to "RF Probe", device type will be still the same. You are just changing the name.

Using an EMI Probe with EMC32

After Renaming, in EMC32 Device List it looks like this:

Using an EMI Probe with EMC32

Now, you can use RF Probe in Hardware Setup by defining the Properties of your device

Don't forget to add a correction table, if needed