Remote Control and Instrument Drivers

The following ten chapters describe the basics of the remote control for the Rohde & Schwarz test and measurement instruments. They are focused on automation of a measurement tasks with the use of a programming or a scripting language. Included are:

The last chapter covers remote operation, which is not automated, and uses PC tools such as Remote Desktop, or dedicated apps on a mobile device.

To search and download instrument drivers, please follow the link Search for instrument drivers .

Getting Started

First steps to create a 'Hello World' remote control program.
Here you also find a complete list of all examples used in this guide.

1 - Basics of Remote Control

The reason to automate a measurement task, the advantages automation brings and the basic components of an automated test setup.

2 - Introducing SCPI Commands

Standardized almost 30 years ago, the 'SKIPPY' commands are still used in the most modern Test and Measurement instruments.

3 - VISA and VISA Tools

Why the topic of VISA always comes up in reference to remote control.

Connect to your instrument with VISA Tester Tool and monitor the communication using I/O Trace utility.

4 - VISA in Programming Languages

Using VISA in different programming languages including practical examples.

5 - Instruments Drivers vs. Direct SCPI

Should your application use direct SCPI commands, or take advantage of the Rohde & Schwarz instrument drivers?

6 - Measurement Synchronization

Introducing measurement synchronization topic which is critical for correct remote control measurements.

Here, you can also find links to complete examples using direct SCPI commands and instrument drivers.

7 - Instrument Error Checking

Often neglected in remote control applications.

If you perform it properly, it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

8 - Speed Optimization

General hints to optimize your application to help obtain the measurement results you require as fast as possible without affecting their quality.

9 - Fastest Communication Interface

How various physical communication interfaces behave in terms of speed.

10 - Remote Operation

References to articles and papers describing remote operation, where no programming or scripting is involved.

If you want to operate your instrument remotely from a PC, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone, this chapter is the right source of references for you.

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