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Terrestrial transmission

Terrestrial transmission from the market leader.

Rohde & Schwarz solutions for terrestrial transmission have stood out for decades, offering highest efficiency, smooth operation and a future-ready design. We are always at the forefront of transmission technologies such as DVB-T2 and ATSC 3.0 and are able to offer you superior solutions that are proving their reliability at thousands of sites all around the world every day. Read on and learn how our solutions address the challenges facing network operators, e.g. reduction of operating costs and channel clearance, and also what opportunities 5G offers you.

Reducing operating costs | Rohde & Schwarz

Reducing operating costs

Reducing operating costs is and will remain one of the primary challenges for network operators. Rising costs for energy and personnel make this challenge even tougher for them. But this challenge fuels the engineering creativity of Rohde & Schwarz. Transmitter solutions from Rohde & Schwarz keep operating costs to a minimum. Rohde & Schwarz systems offer unique innovations that meet the challenges of network operators by combining high energy efficiency and high availability with low service and maintenance and low space requirements.

Channel Clearance | Rohde & Schwarz

Channel clearance and new transmission standards

In many regions of the world, spectrum clearance and channel repack programs are either currently taking place or waiting to be implemented. The transition to new transmission standards will allow more efficient use of bandwidth and spectrum and make it possible to offer enhanced services. In these times of change, network operators need suitable strategies that allow them to keep providing today’s services without disruptions while preparing a seamless switchover to tomorrow’s services. Rohde & Schwarz transmitter solutions are designed to support network operators in demanding transition phases by providing channel agility, future-ready signal processing and adaptive operation features.

Mobile TV | Rohde & Schwarz

5G Broadcast

In the past few decades, incredible innovations has taken place in TV transmission. It has evolved from analog transmission to digital broadcasting to satellite delivery with hundreds of channels. TV is now ready for the next challenge: reaching out to billions of smartphones via 5G. LTE/5G broadcast, a technology once associated with mobile connectivity, can transform digital TV into mobile TV. This idea has been around ever since LTE appeared. But it was recently enhanced in 3GPP Release 14 to make delivering mobile TV over the HPHT based networks a reality, effectively addressing the needs of broadcasters, mobile network operators, content providers and end users. At Rohde & Schwarz, we call it FeMBMS, and we are ready to support your mobile TV delivery in the 5G era. The Rohde & Schwarz vision already meets most 5G requirements and is expected to meet them all as it evolves – in compliance with 3GPP Release 16 and beyond.

Efficiency to the Power of Five

The R&S®Tx9 transmitter generation scores with efficiency on five different levels. Take a look at our brochure Next level of efficiency for broadcasting amplifiers to learn more. Let us show you here why our transmitters are market leading in energy efficiency.

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Efficiency in energy

Efficiency in energy

Economical: minimum power consumption for cost savings over system lifetime

Efficiency in space

Efficiency in space

Space-saving: several transmitters and additional components in one rack

Efficiency in operation

Efficiency in operation

Smooth: installation, operation and maintenance

Efficiency in configuration

Efficiency in configuration

Customer-focused: modular solutions for flexible system configuration

Efficiency for a lifetime

Efficiency for a lifetime

Future-ready: can be expanded to accommodate new standards and technologies

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