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Dr. Sandra Merkel is Director of Engineering at Rohde & Schwarz. In this role, she strikes a balance between technical expertise and her responsibility as a manager, day in and day out. Determination, proficiency and the support of the company open (almost) every door for her, not just in professional respects.

In 2021, Dr. Sandra Merkel will celebrate an anniversary at Rohde & Schwarz: ten years at the company, five of them as a manager. "I enjoy my job very much, and would like to work for Rohde & Schwarz for many years to come," she says. As Director of Engineering in the Test and Measurement Division, Dr. Merkel is in charge of 16 employees. Together with them, she is involved in software development and mobile communications standardization as part of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). "I find it good and important that we at Rohde & Schwarz actively participate in 3GPP. 3GPP is like an early warning system for us, it is where trends and developments in mobile communications emerge. This lets us respond to these promptly by providing necessary solutions," Dr. Merkel explains.

Sandra Merkel

"The colleagues appreciate how we communicate with each other."

Dr. Sandra Merkel, director of an R&D unit in the Test & Measurement Division

Well-valued contact

Indeed, she is often in demand as an expert in the company. Employees from a wide range of departments consult her for advice or ask for her technical assessment. The way she speaks with colleagues is well received. "The colleagues appreciate how we communicate with each other. And sometimes I have the impression that more finely tuned feelers help to harmonize discussions."

More knowledge for even more ideas

To keep professionally fit, Dr. Merkel regularly participates in seminars offered by Rohde & Schwarz. The newly acquired knowledge helps her contribute and implement ideas even better in her daily work. In addition, she takes advantage of the leadership development opportunities. And as a family-oriented person, the possibility to work from home or part time meets with her approval. "The overall package is just right," she says. "My tenure at Rohde & Schwarz is nowhere near its end."

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