RTP - Mediacenter

Quickly access your favourite tools. RTP - see the difference

Access your favourite scope functions most quickly via the toolbar.


Automated measurements. RTP - see the difference

The RTP offers of more than 90 automated measurements, with statistical analysis and histogram and track display for data visualization. Learn to use it most easily.


Serial bus decoding. RTP - see the difference

The 16 digital channels of the MSO option extend the measurement resources of the RTP. Use them for protocol-based triggering and decoding of low-speed interfaces such as I2C, SPI, MIL1553 or MIPI RFFE.


Accelerate your EMI debugging. RTP - see the difference

See on our debugging example how to use the powerful spectrum analysis with log display, peak list and limit lines for visualizing and evaluating the EMI emission.


Trigger on Zones in real-time. RTP - see the difference

The RTP's Zone trigger allowes as the only oscilloscope in the world to isolate events in the time and the frequency domain.


Powerful spectrum and spectrogram. RTP - see the difference

Use the accuracy of the RTP for the analysis of wide-band RF signals.


Superior user experience. RTP - see the difference

Learn how easy it is to organize your waveforms and results with the RTP oscilloscope.


Differential signal math in real-time. RTP - see the difference

Benefit from differential and common mode signals beeing calculated in real-time.


Meet the R&S RTP Oscillscope

The R&S RTP is the most versatile multi-purpose oscilloscope.


How does high update rate help? RTP - see the difference

Benefits from the RTP oscillscopes, offering the fastest update rate of maximum 750,000 waveforms/s.


Compensate signal losses in real-time. RTP - see the difference

Compensate signal losses from test fixtures or cables in real-time.


Isolate signal details with precise digital trigger. See the difference

RTP oscilloscopes can trigger on signals as small as 1/1000th of a vertical division thanks to digital triggering and adjustable hysteresis.


Phase-coherent multichannel pulse analysis

Scalable easy-to-configure solution for Radar/EW systems for accurate and phase-coherent analysis of multiple pulsed signals.


Advanced Jitter Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

Novel signal model based jitter decomposition algorithm


TDR/TDT Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

Impedance and transmission loss measurements


Energy measurement of a pulsed signals

Learn how to measure the energy of a pulsed sine wave signal with advanced math functions.


IQ Mode for RF Signal Analysis

Downconvert RF signals in the oscilloscope and use resulting IQ sample for further analysis with the R&S VSE software or external tools.


Advanced correction of integral math waveforms

Learn how to remove 1/f noise in an integral math waveform for analyzing sinusoidal or pulsed signas with advanced math functions.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 1)

Learn more about the basic test setup of aautomotive radar device with a High-Performance RTP Oscilloscope.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 2)

Deembed converters and other setup components in realtime.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 3)

Demodulate radar pulses with built-in oscilloscope functions.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 4)

Perform phase-coherent measurements on multiple antenna signals.


Clock and LO components in 5G base stations (part 2/3)

Learn how to verify the performance of RF sampling clock generator / jitter attenuator with low noise signal generator and high-performance oscilloscope.


USB 3.1 interface debug with realtime deembedding

How to use realtime deembedding on a USB 3.1 Gen1 device.


Time delay analysis of multiple wideband RF signals

Analysis of multiple RF signals, which are typically used e.g. for direction finding


Realtime deembedding

Benefits and advantages


Power integrity debugging

Power rail probe in combination with high performance oscilloscope.


Signal integrity debugging

Shown on a USB 3.1 Gen1 device.


Analysis of wideband pulsed RF signals

How to analyze basic paramters of pulsed RF signals.


DDR3 signal integrity debugging

How to perform signal integrity debugging on a DDR3 device.


RF pulse train analysis

How to measure pulse sequences in time and frequency domain.


Responsive FFT and spectogram

Easy configuration of frequency domain analysis


Triggering in frequency domain with zone trigger

Unique trigger capability


Analysis of complex radar signals

Up and down Chirp analysis in time and frequency domain.


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