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Welcome to the International Developers Conference

Pioneering thinkers, innovators and technology experts from Rohde & Schwarz – once a year, they all get together in Munich

The internet of things, autonomous driving, the 5G revolution – at Rohde & Schwarz we work on all kinds of technologies. The difference makers in these efforts are our developers. They are the movers and shakers, shaping our future with outstanding solutions that will still be exciting for our grandchildren. That's why it is so important to us to create an environment where our developers can turn their ideas into reality. To create a space where they can share knowledge and discuss their ideas, Rohde & Schwarz has established its own developers conference.

Since 2000 we have been hosting our International Developers Conference (IDC) once a year at our Munich headquarters. The event brings together Rohde & Schwarz developers from around the world to engage in an open and interdisciplinary dialog on the hottest technological trends and issues. The IDC welcomes delegates from every R&D location from such far-flung places as the USA, Romania and Singapore. For colleagues who cannot attend in person, a live stream is provided.

Career Networking

At the heart of the conference, in the expo area, our developers present their latest ideas on various key technologies and our core R&D areas. The accompanying program, featuring several technology session tracks, offers opportunities to learn about and discuss various technology fields and take home fresh insights and innovations. This year, for example, the AI & Deep Learning track explored the integration of AI and gave conference participants a chance to try out approaches to optimize Rohde & Schwarz products. In the Modern Software Development track, representatives of the R&S Clean Code Community gave exciting interactive lectures on topics such as "What is clean code and why should I care?". A highlight of the IDC event program is the Innovation Convention. This year five teams used this central stage to pitch their latest product and business ideas. Our InnoBoard was suitably impressed and plans to follow up on all of the ideas. Learn more about how Rohde & Schwarz lives innovation and puts it into practice.

Developers Conference Participants

In addition to the exchange of knowledge within the worldwide R&D network, the IDC has one main priority: bringing people together who can achieve great things as a team. To help them do that, we make it easy for participants to meet and talk informally throughout the event. From the welcome breakfast and food trucks to networking coffee breaks, they have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another better. This year's IDC was brought to a close with the TechFest. Staged for the first time in 2019, it was a big hit with the participants, who appreciated the chance to wind down the conference by spending a relaxed evening with the other participants, speakers, exhibitors and the R&D management. We're looking forward to IDC 2020, which will again strive to live up to the motto: "Keep great ideas flowing!"

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