CMMB Technology

In order to create a uniform standard for mobile TV reception in China, the Chinese broadcasting authority SARFT (State Administration of Radio Film and Television) has required mobile radio operators to use a uniform standard.

China has standardized its own development for mobile television broadcasting. The standard is called CMMB (Chinese Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) and was formerly also known as STiMi (Satellite Terrestrial Interactive Multi-service Infrastructure).

The use of orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) with 4k/1k mode in 8 MHz/2 MHz channels and efficient error-protection mechanisms make the use of CMMB as a transmission standard ideal for mobile applications. Satellite transmission in the S band as well as terrestrial transmission are specified in accordance with the standard.

CMMB Deployment Scenario

CMMB and its characteristics are designed to enable both mobile and stationary digital TV reception with combined satellite and terrestrial broadcasting. For this purpose, a nationwide CMMB network is to be set up in China; the network was already in operation in several cities during the 2008 Olympics.

The receivers can receive the terrestrial CMMB signal that is broadcast via retransmitters as well as the direct satellite signal.

Technology Overview

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