T-DMB Technology


T-DMB and T-DMBVR are extensions of the DAB standard for the transmission of video to mobile receivers. This requires a special T-DMB A/V encoder. The RF coding and frequencies used are identical to those for DAB. Existing DAB and DAB+ transmitters can be used for T-DMB as well. Baseband coding differs from DAB and DAB+ in two aspects: 1) the multiprotocol encapsulation of MPEG-4 H.264-coded video and HE-AAC (BSAC in Korea) as MPEG-2 TS in ETI DAB baseband, and 2) the additional FEC and time interleaving with higher depth.

T-DMBVR is another way to provide pictures that may be related to the audio content using the T-DMB standard. The two T-DMB video parameters, i.e. frame repetition and video bit rate, are reduced in such a manner that a slide show is displayed on the radio receiver’s graphical display. This means that a completely new application for information and advertising is now available for radio service providers.

Technology Overview

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