WiGig / WiHD Technology

Millimeter wave communication standards

60 GHz transmission technology is a fairly new wireless communications concept that aims to exploit the 7 GHz of bandwidth available in the 60 GHz unlicensed band. Particular characteristics of this technology have generated special interest within the industry. The main advantages of this high-frequency-range technology are that it enables high data rates and short-range communication applications such as data transfer and uncompressed audio and video (A/V) transmissions. Data rates beyond 1 Gbit/s at up to 10 meters are feasible.

These high data rates can be achieved because of the continuous spectrum and a less power-restricted bandwidth available in the 60 GHz band. Moreover, high path loss enables a larger frequency reuse factor per indoor environment. In addition, the millimeter wavelengths make it possible to have very small radios with multiple antennas solutions, enabling beamforming and beam steering, which enhances the channel capacity and also supports NLOS communications.

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