Безопасность настольных устройств

Безопасность настольных устройств

Endpoint protection

Endpoint security: The important element of any IT security strategy

We offer products that proactively prevent cyber attacks and the introduction of malicious code and malware to endpoints. Our powerful secure browser, VPN client and hard disk encryption provide you with convenient endpoint protection.

When combined as the R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite, they provide the optimum overall solution tailored to specific security requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Improved efficiency: The individual components of the suite are perfectly matched to each other and enable optimal workflows.
  • Increased productivity: There is no change to the usual way of working, all security mechanisms run in the background off.
  • Your IT has to manage less and has time for other processes.
  • Lower operating costs: In the total package you save.

Of course our solutions are easy to use and install. We also provide platforms for centralized management of security policies.

Learn more about the individual high-security products for endpoint protection here.


R&S®Browser in the Box

  • Безопасный просмотр Интернета в виртуальной среде
  • Предотвращение браузерных кибератак (целевых кибератак, атак с использованием уязвимостей нулевого дня, вредоносного ПО)
  • Полная виртуализация защищает от вредоносного ПО и утечки данных
  • Безопасное разделение Интернета, операционной системы и корпоративной сети
R&S®Trusted Disk

Надежный диск R&S®Trusted Disk

  • Шифрование целых дисков для оконечных и мобильных устройств
  • Шифрование устройств
  • Одобрено для секретных данных
  • Доступно в виде однопользовательской или корпоративной версии
  • Централизованное управление
R&S®Trusted VPN Client

Надежный VPN-клиент R&S®Trusted VPN Client

  • Исключительно программное VPN-решение без необходимости в дополнительном или специализированном оборудовании
  • Простое безбарьерное развертывание на существующих парках оконечных устройств с операционной системой Windows 10
  • Сетевое взаимодействие только через VPN с надежным предотвращением утечки данных (DLP)
  • Обнаружение дружественных сетей и поддержка сетей WiFi с сервисом Captive Portal
  • Одобрено для уровней VS-NfD, NATO RESTRICTED (Ограничено НАТО) и EU RESTRICTED (Ограничено ЕС) (национальное использование)

Endpoint protection FAQs

What are endpoints?

Endpoints or end devices are those that access a network. This includes desktop systems, PCs, notebooks, laptops and tablets

What is endpoint protection?

Endpoint protection describes the protection of endpoints or end user devices using software and tools. So-called endpoints form the entry point to networks of authorities, organizations and companies. For attackers, endpoints are therefore an attractive target. Endpoint protection is therefore important to protect sensitive information and data from industrial espionage and attacks. It also enables you to remain compliant with legal regulations on data protection.

What endpoint protection measures should organizations take?

Technical measures such as solutions for endpoint security usually consist of a mixture of preventive, detective and reactive security measures. These include hard disk encryption, VPN remote access, secure browsing, malware protection, application isolation, virtualization-based security features, data loss prevention (DLP) and separation of the Internet, operating system and corporate network.

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