Demystifying 5G - video series

The Demystifying 5G video series discusses main topics related to 5G including new technology components, procedures and testing challenges.

Demystifying 5G – Testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) on a device

This video explores testing of an LTE-capable device in presence of 5G NR SSB’s while enabling MBSFN subframes.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR signal generation in the new 47 GHz frequency band

Watch this video to explore its underlying performance while measuring error vector magnitude (EVM) of a 100 MHz wide 5G NR signal at 47.2 GHz.


Demystifying 5G – RF sampling ADCs: how to verify modulation performance?

The video demonstrates how to verify the modulation performance of a high speed ADC on the digital side.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE – testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), part 2

The video shows how to configure and measure dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) based on 5G NR signal components using MBSFN subframes of an LTE signal.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE – testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), part 1

The video demonstrates the configuration of an LTE signal including MBSFN subframes based on the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE based on dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS)

The video explores the technological fundamentals that enables DSS between 5G NR and LTE.


Demystifying 5G - 5G NR throughput testing, dynamic scheduling and power control

Data throughput and dynamic scheduling are important parameters for 5G devices and require thorough testing during design phase. The video demonstrates how easy it is to setup and carry out these measurements with the unified user experience R&S®CMsquares.


Demystifying 5G – Parallel 5G NR RF measurements and E2E testing

The new unified user interface R&S®CMsquares controls the R&S®CMX500 radio communication test platform and enables an easy setup and measurement of RF parametric tests and end-to-end tests, such as ping measurements, in parallel.


Demystifying 5G – Unified user experience with the R&S®CMsquares

CMsquares, a unified user experience concept, simplifies 5G NR device testing. It controls the R&S®CMX500 and allows to combine various measurement tasks.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR device testing made simple with the R&S®CMX500

In this video we explore the test setup required to test 5G NR devices in non-standalone (NSA) mode using the R&S®CMX500 mobile radio tester from Rohde & Schwarz.


Demystifying 5G – How a 5G UE accesses the 5G network

The video explains the 5G-LTE dual connectivity, how a 5G phone accesses the 5G network and shows the measurement software to follow the process.


Demystifying 5G – How fast is 5G in commercial networks?

The video shows data throughput measurements of a 5G router (connected to ROMES) and a 5G phone (with QualiPoc Android) in mmwave 5G networks with 4 times 100MHz bandwidth.


Demystifying 5G - What are the challenges?

Get an overview of the topics that we will cover during the seminar.


Demystifying 5G – How are slot formats defined in 5G NR?

Slot formats are a fundamentally new concept in 5G NR.


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR PTRS and how to emulate phase noise

The video explains the concept of PTRS and how they are used to compensate for the typical phase error (CPE) - caused by the impact of phase noise at higher frequencies (mmWave, FR2).


Demystifying 5G – 5G NR test model (TM) support for FR1 and FR2

The example in the video shows the test model required to perform signal quality measurements such as error vector magnitude (EVM)


Demystifying 5G – System calibration basics for over-the-air (OTA) testing

The video provides high-level insights and theoretical background on system calibration.


Demystifying 5G – Calibrating OTA test systems using gain transfer method

The video demonstrates the gain transfer method in order to carry out repeatable and reliable over-the-air (OTA) measurements.


Demystifying 5G – How to generate and analyze 5G NR TDD signals?

The video demonstrates how to generate the uplink portion of a 5G NR TDD signal.


Demystifying 5G – Antenna array calibration methods for OTA testing

The video explains the theoretical background of antenna array calibration and discusses various methodologies including direct and indirect measurements.


Demystifying 5G – Antenna array calibration using the R&S®SMW200A and R&S®FSW

The video demonstrates a direct measurement method for antenna array calibration to correct for relative amplitude and phase offsets.


Demystifying 5G – Backpack for simultaneous 5G NR and LTE coverage measurements

The video introduces a compact backpack that is ideal to perform simultaneous network measurements of 5G NR in mmWave and sub 6 GHz frequencies.


Demystifying 5G – Concept of SSB beamforming in mmWave frequencies

The video explains the concept of synchronization signal blocks (SSB), how SSB beamforming works in sub 6 GHz and mmWave frequencies and how many different beams can be realized by the network infrastructure.


Demystifying 5G – Frequency settings in 5G NR

The video provides insights into the channel raster and synchronization raster in 5G NR in order to explain how to perform coverage measurements for 5G non-standalone and standalone mode.


Demystifying 5G – Simultaneous coverage measurements on LTE and 5G NR at 28 GHz

The video demonstrates the simultaneous measurement of 5G NR signals in the mmWave frequency range at 28 GHz and LTE in sub 6 GHz using a single network scanner in a 5G backpack for coverage and beamforming tests.


Demystifying 5G – Automatic channel detection (ACD) measurement for 5G NR

The video demonstrates how the automatic channel detection (ACD) option eases 5G coverage measurements even in the mmWave frequency range.


Demystifying 5G – Phase noise of clock and LO components in 5G base stations

The video demonstrates a clock generator and an RF synthesizer from IDT and shows the measurement of the phase noise, contributed by these components.


Demystifying 5G – Timing alignment and delay adjustment of SYSREF and sampling clock signals in 5G base stations

The video demonstrates a clock generator from IDT and shows the measurement of time alignment and delay adjustment of SYSREF and sampling clock signals.


Demystifying 5G – Clock input monitoring, holdover and relocking in 5G base stations

The video demonstrates an IDT clock generator and shows the measurement of phase transient during a locked-holdover-relocking-locked cycle. A clock signal with a defined phase noise profile is used to emulate the effect of a real-world clock with a non-ideal phase noise performance.


Demystifying 5G – 5G New Radio (NR) waveform analysis

This video demonstrates how to create a configuration file with the R&S®FS-K96PC OFDM vector signal analysis software from Rohde & Schwarzto analyze an OFDM-based waveform that follows the physical layer parameterization for 5G NR.


Demystifying 5G – PAPR: Difference for 5G PHY layer concepts vs. LTE

In this video we explore the PAPR for these waveforms and compare them to LTE, a fully standardized technology including scrambling and channel coding methods.


Demystifying 5G – 5G power amplifier characterization

In this video we explore how to set up Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and spectrum analyzers to characterize a 5G power amplifier using 5G waveform candidates, such as FBMC, UFMC or GFDM.


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