New R&S®MXO 5C oscilloscope

MXO 5C series oscilloscope / digitizer

Next-generation oscilloscope in a compact form

Superior time and frequency measurements. Compact for rackmount and bench applications.

Key features:

  • 4 or 8 channel applications for unmatched versatility
  • Fastest acquisitions with 4.5 million waveforms/s
  • Highest precision of 12-bit ADC/18-bit HD resolution
  • Deep memory capture with 500 million points/channel
  • Highest sensitivity with advanced digital trigger
MXO 5C Teaser

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MXO 5 oscilloscope: Evolved for more challenges!

Experience the power of this neXt-generation oscilloscope that takes testing and measurement to new heights. With its advanced capabilities, the MXO 5 empowers engineers like never before.

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MXO 4 oscilloscope: eXtremely precise, suitable for even the most demanding challenges

With the 12 bit ADC and 18 bit HD mode, the MXO 4 oscilloscope helps you get the most accurate measurements with a patented digital trigger architecture.

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The eXceptional R&S®MXO 4 oscilloscope offers the deepest memory in its class!

The eXceptional MXO 4 oscilloscope offers the deepest memory in its class!

With 400 Mpts for 4 channels and optional 800 for 2 channels, you will capture even more signal time and retain maximum bandwidth at slow time bases – making it perfect for handling a large range of troubleshooting tasks.

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Learn more about the accelerated insight of the new R&S®MXO4

Learn more about the accelerated insight of the new MXO 4

The MXO 4 is eXceptionally fast and with an acquisition rate of more than 4.5 million acquisitions per second – it truly features the eXtreme speed you need to see more of the signal.

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