Centralized Playout System

Centralizing playout services for public broadcaster in South Germany

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SWR Baden-Baden, an ARD Group regional broadcaster, faced the challenge of replacing its classic playout solution which was reaching end-of-life. After intensive benchmarking, the broadcaster chose Gallium and StreamMaster from Pixel Power, a Rohde & Schwarz company, to provide integrated graphics and a flexible, software-defined solution to replace the existing playout system.

Challenges in multi-channel playout

The playout requirements in a public broadcasting environment are extensive and complex. The broadcaster sought a modern playout solution that would enhance its workflows, integrate with its existing scheduling and other back-office systems, import and link graphic elements in playout from various broadcasters, fit into a new infrastructure without requiring extensive redesign, and evolve with future demands.

  • “In our search for a modern playout solution we needed to be ahead of the game and have a system that is truly future-proof, flexible and highly scalable” – Udo Fettig, Project Manager at SWR

Modern and flexible playout

Gallium and StreamMaster are software-defined solutions giving the broadcaster the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs, flexible integration with software control, and a simplified graphical user interface. The broadcaster has reimagined and redesigned channel playouts and streamlined its operational workflows. After successfully implementing Gallium and StreamMaster, the broadcaster has expanded its playout management. SWR playout now includes several regional broadcasting channels in the ARD consor­tium and covers Southern Germany entirely. Close collaboration with the Pixel Power product and engineering team ensured successful delivery.

Learn more in our case study.

SWR centralizes playout services for South Germany with Pixel Power

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Playout automation for multiple channels

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Automated intelligent channel branding

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Content packaging for files

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StreamMaster PRODUCE

Graphics creation, preparation & playout

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StreamMaster DELIVER

Virtualizable integrated master control playout

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StreamMaster BRAND

Branding and graphics playout engine

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StreamMaster PRIME

Channel branding and master control with SDI I/O

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